"Dirty" Salve Carrier Oil

September 06, 2014


If you love coffee and coffee shops you know the term "dirty".  A shot of espresso in Chai tea that gives that already blissful substance an extra kick is deemed: dirty.  Well, the same goes for my much loved Naked Salve, the not so naked carrier oil can be made "dirty" with one special added kick that helps anything added to it, work better!  My love for Naked Salve knew no bounds, but now...it's a flat out love fest! Ok, you don't have to call the "enhanced" Naked Salve dirty salve but I like it, it's catchy! Not only is it catchy, it's S I M P L E.  Ah yes, simplicity is one of the many reasons why I love pure essential oils, they make my life simpler and safer with their versatility.  If you don't know it already, there is one essential oil {EO} in particular that personifies versatility and that's pure Frankincense.  Let me tell you about it and why Naked Salve is getting a kick!

Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils and faithful EO users have their favorites.  My preference is coconut oil, an organic, hand processed coconut oil with lots of benefits and nutrients all it’s own.  I feel very strongly about using the most nutrition packed carriers you can!  Coconut oil is antibacterial and the best source of lauric acid outside of breast milk.  Added olive oil has of anti-oxidants, including hydroxytyrosol and, anti-inflammatory properties.  The benefits of coconut and olive oils added to the healing properties of pure essentials makes a winning combination. Frankincense is the perfect one addition to Naked Salve because it helps all essential oils work better.  Not only is Frankincense considered the King of oils, it has no known side effects and even though it's a potent healer it's a gentle one, even more so than baby friendly pure Lavender.

  • Frankincense promotes health and immunity on a cellular level. Frank promotes regeneration of healthy cells and keeps existing cells and tissue healthy.
  • A powerful astringent and regenerative, Frankincense possesses the ability to slow aging of skin. Helps to reduce sunspots, micro wrinkles and tone and tighten skin all over while simultaneously replacing old or dying cells with new ones. Frankincense is the greatest addition to any moisturizer for face and body! Remember, Frank enhances all other oils!  For this reason, my Ultimate Skin Serum with rose, helichrysum, geranium, sandalwood and lavender is made even more powerful by the addition of Frankincense to enhance their most excellent healing and rejuvenating properties. I wish I could slather this serum all over my body, every day, but it's too precious and must be saved for my face :)
  • Frankincense is an overall body tonic, it benefits all systems of the body including respiratory, digestive, nervous and excretory.  It also increases strength by allowing better absorption of nutrients and increasing immunity with regular use.  It lowers anxiety, anger and stress, reducing the damaging effects these emotions have on our body.
  • Frankincense is a well known anti-inflammatory too - an important property for a carrier oil.
Dirty Salve Carrier Oil
I could go on and on about the benefits of Frankincense and the potent kick that it gives Naked Salve, a new carrier oil but experience is the best teacher.  Next time you're in the kitchen stirring up some healthy healing salves, be sure to grab your pure Frankincense and make a jar of Dirty Salve Carrier Oil, it's driving properties will take your essential oil remedies deeper into tissue and amplify the properties!  Try it, I think you'll love it!

    CW Naked Salve is now available for purchase:

    • 1 cup organic, unrefined virgin coconut oil 
    • 1 cup organic olive oil or Hemp Seed Oil
    • 4 tablespoons beeswax pastilles
    • 1/2 teaspoon vitamin e oil
    • 30 drops Frankincense per 4oz jar
    1. A large recipe like this will fill five 4 oz jars. If you want less, adjust the recipe. If you would like to fill more small jars than large, adjust accordingly.
    2. On low to medium heat, melt the coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax in a warm bath of water stirring occasionally. Add the vitamin e oil last. I like to use an 8 cup Pyrex measuring bowl with a handle set down in a saucepan of water. It makes for convenient pouring!
    3. Add appropriate amount of Frankincense to jars then add the melted oils. Cover with tea towel and let sit to cool and harden. Shelf life is approximately 4 months.
    4. Use your salve as you would a carrier oil, it's packed with nutrition and superior to fractionated coconut oil. However, FCO is useful for roll on or spray bottle protocols.
    5. Using your finger, scoop out amount needed and add your EOs for desired protocol.

    Recipe By: CampWander