Gang up on a Ganglion Cyst

December 16, 2015

Gang up on a Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion cysts are quite common, usually harmless and sometimes uncomfortable. Here's a simple and natural way to gang up on a ganglion before considering an invasive medical procedure. Once you're sure this cyst that's usually found on the back of the hand, top of wrist and is most common to women is indeed a ganglion cyst, you're probably more than ready to see it gone.

This type of cyst is generally harmless and can go away on its own but unfortunately, it can also come back and it's quite common if it does.  If so, start your protocol at the first sign of its return. A ganglion cyst can also cause discomfort because it's taking up real estate on the hand or wrist and must be accommodated with every movement of either, it's also easy to bump, ouch! Essential oils can be really helpful as a natural remedy but you'll need to be consistent and patient with the process.  Don't worry, this is such a simple protocol it will be easy to be consistent.

I suggest layering therapeutic Oregano and Frankincense as a direct topical application. Both essential oils are anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and from a personal point of view, I like the synergy between the two EOs. Oregano is very potent, the world's strongest natural antibiotic containing carvacrol and thymol. Frankincense is a very powerful regenerative essential oil but oh so gentle, with no known side effects and, Frankincense has a very nice way with other essential oils, I like to layer it with other EOs whenever possible. Oregano is HOT, hot, hot, hot HOT! I can't over emphasize this fact, however, and this is a big HOWEVER, there is a much better way to apply it (see ready made above):

  • Pre-diluted in a nutritious, antioxidant rich Salve base.
  • Spill proof.
  • Protects against skin sensitivity.
  • The overwhelming strong aroma of essential oils is softly tempered therefore EO use is now user-friendly for those who are sensitive to strong smells.

    1. Apply a thin layer of Oregano Salve, then a thin layer of Frankincense directly to ganglion cyst morning and night until cyst begins to dissolve.
    2. TIP: This combination is an excellent fungus fighter! While you have your jars at the ready, apply to any affected toenails, or Athletes Foot breakout as well.