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Geranium & Lavender Organic Baby Powder

June 11, 2013

Geranium & Lavender Organic Baby Powder


I think I've been asked 100 times if I had any baby powder in the house and 100 times the answer has been "nope sorry"!  I stopped buying baby powder a long time ago.  Why? ... it's the talc, a known carcinogen. 

Ok, I've known for some time there were options to make my own without that dastardly ingredient but one can only make so much DIY stuff, oi! However, apparently people still want and use baby powder so, I give us...

Talc ~ free baby powder, now we can say yes & feel good about it.

All you're going to need to make the most amazingly fragrant and safe baby powder that the whole family will use is:

1/2 cup organic arrowroot powder/starch
1/2 cup organic corn starch
a blender
3 drops Geranium
3 drops Lavender
...and a container, preferably with small holes.  If you use mineral makeup, wash out your empty jars and fill them with your new baby powder, it's a perfect size of diaper bag, back pack or purse :)
Add everything and blend the simple ingredients together in a blender, yes that's'll want to blend it {don't forget the top!}.  This allows the powders and EOs to be evenly mixed, it's an important step in the process.  Pour the powder into a wide bottomed bowl and allow it to dry for several hours before you add it to a container.


I love this stuff!
~ a few ideas for everyday baby powder use ~
1.  Take it with you to the beach, it's a fabulous way to get sand off everyone's feet before jumping into the car or to get the crazy ones free of sand after burying themselves in it :)
2.  Before you buy new shirts due to sweat stains, try this out.  Prevent sweat stains by sprinkling baby powder under the sleeves and ironing it in.
This acts as a stain guard and keeps grime from getting into the fibers.  Very cool!
3.  I asked my husband what his favorite use for baby powder was and I was sorry I did.  "Have you ever sprinkled baby powder between the sheets and climbed in bed naked?" Ahem, no.
4.  Of course, babies, diapers and baby powder (safe baby powder) are a heavenly match.  Now you can feel good about using baby powder again.


Pssst Pssst ~ geranium and lavender together create a rose-like fragrance.
Embracing baby powder once again feels great, enjoy!


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