Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast Naturally

February 08, 2020

Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast Naturally

What if I told you don't have to go out in public with a cold sore again and you don't need expensive pharmaceuticals that probably aren't working anyway? Great news right? 

Welcome to a simple solution for topical application that's full of whole nutrients you will actually recognize when you read the label.

Simply apply directly when you feel a cold sore coming on and continue until the threat is gone. I might also mention that there's about 101 things that antimicrobial All Purpose Healing Salve is great for - you will definitely get your $$ worth with this pretty glass jar in your care. 

Customer Experience Review

Cold sores - I ordered this jar not really knowing how great it would be. I have dealt with cold sores since I was a kid, I have tried every expensive ointment you could possibly think of and it still lasts for 5-15 days. One day while camping I felt one coming up and I found this in my purse and thought it couldn’t hurt. My cold sore never surfaced!!! I’m not sure which ingredients stopped it in its tracks but I keep it on hand and have not had a cold sore since. The minute I feel a tingling I apply this and it goes away! - Courtney

All Purpose Healing Salve - List of Ingredients

Coconut Oil - small batch, handcrafted - tested for Glyphosate

Organic Olive Oil


Rosehip Seed Oil & Vitamin e

Camp Wander Lavender, Melaleuca, Lemon Essential Oils