Girl Power!

March 24, 2012

Girl Power!

Let's have ourselves a conversation about Girl Power.  Oh Heck Yeah! Recognize the iconic graphic above? I thought you might.

Girl Power

I want to feel like this little girl looks, every day. I'm a great believer in the power and strength of women. In my heritage, there are about 29 hell raisers, I'm proud to say. Tab drinkin, party girls who stood tall and strong in the face of adversity. They stuck together, they were sisters united and God help the man or kids that tried to interfere!

Strong women are so COOL.

Good Things

Secret of Success.

Well, let me tell you how I zeroed in on today's subject.  I spent a fair amount of time today researching material for an upcoming blog post.  I bounced around from blogs to Google to newspapers and magazine articles until I felt dazed, and a little hungry truth be told.  Food bloggers...curse you! I found the information I was looking for but, I also saw something in the process that was very disappointing to me.  I noticed a common thread in many blogs and some articles that were written by women about women. That common thread was to criticize, minimize and discredit the work of well known, successful women.  Martha of course, gets the brunt of most.  I confess, just the other day I wrote that I was scared of her, scary Martha.  In truth, she's so brilliant she's intimidating to me.  In my defense, it was all in fun.  I would never attempt to reduce or discredit her accomplishments and triumphs!  The woman has risen above every obstacle, even jail time and even made some tasty lemonade out that great big bowl of lemons. Why is it the great American past time to focus on imperfections and shortcomings of others?  Why is it so hard to celebrate and revel in the success of others?  Women can be particularly vicious.  I just don't like it!  Come on...give credit where it's due, it's good Karma.

Successful women like Martha, Oprah, Ree - all women of substance.

Not perfect!

But you've got to admit, they're damn strong.

Speaking of the Pioneer Woman haters.  What a hateful, sharp-tongued bunch they are!   So many women on that platform casting the first stone and influencing others to do the same.  It's shameful and embarrassing really.  Can't they see the futility of this?  These successful women are smart, strong and ambitious...they will keep rising to the top because that's where they belong.  Those who would degrade, misinform and slander will always, ALWAYS sink to the depths of ordinary and miserable.

My point is this.  We need to stick together, support each other, lift each other up instead of the opposite.  There is enough opportunity for all of us to shine little shiny foreheads rising in the ranks of greatness.  As women, we carry the brunt of the load in life. I truly believe we are the strong ones, sent to make sense of this crazy planet.  We simply need each other.

I bring this to your attention because it's my hope that we'll all make a better effort to embrace differences, to show gratitude and to mentor other women who may be struggling.  We all have our moments and we all make stupid, really STUPID mistakes but that's part of the truth and light process.  Falling on our face from time to time is a good thing, IF we learn from the scrapes and bruises.  Don't blame someone else for those battle scars, own them!  One day, depending on our choices...those same scars can turn into our badges of honor and, we should wear them proudly.

Be The Hope

Truth and Light my always a good idea.



P.S.  Happy Birthday No. 1 son, I love you!