Healthy Family Fabric Softener Sponges

July 17, 2020

Healthy Family Fabric Softener Sponges

Truth be told, until recently, I haven't used liquid fabric softener in years and forget about dryer sheets, they're just a bad idea - unhealthy for your family and your dryer.

What changed my mind was a money saving and healthier alternative to my chemical softener dilemma and it's the brain child of Meghan of Full House Frenzy. Now the dryer happily tumbles our clothes with a toxin free Fabric Softener Sponge infused with CW Deep Clean Antiseptic Blend - an appropriate choice for these uncertain times and by gosh my laundry smells and feels good! 



Meghan says, "You might be asking yourself “what’s the purpose of fabric softener sponges? Isn’t it just as easy to pour the fabric softener into the wash cycle?” Well yes, you’re probably right, but remember, I’m all about saving money. Good fabric softeners (the ones with the least amount of chemicals) are expensive! This project is all about frugality! With the use of DIY fabric softener sponges, it’s possible to quadruple (or more) the number of loads you get out of a single store-bought container! It’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried it already! Here’s how it works."

What you’ll need
  • Fabric Softener – I use Paraben free, Free & Clear, Non-toxic, and synthetic fragrance free - no endocrine disrupters, a huge "no no" for good health
  • Sponges (without the scrub side)
  • 1 /2 cups of water
  • Essential oils, preferably of Camp Wander origin
  • Container for sponges
  • Scissors to trim the sponges to fit in the container
The how - to
  • Place a sponge in your container. If it doesn’t fit so that the top fits securely, trim it then trim the rest of the sponges the same size, situate them in the container
  • Fill the container with 1-½ cups of water
  • Add 1-½ cups of fabric softener
  • Add 20 - 30 drops Deep Clean Antiseptic Blend or your choice of EOs
  • Place the lid on the container and make sure its secure. Give the container a little shake to mix
  • When you are ready for use, take a sponge out of the container, squeeze it over the container to remove excess liquid.
  • Toss the sponge in the dryer
  • When the dryer cycle is complete, remove the sponge and place it right back into the mixture for later use - Yay for reuse
  • Repeat the first 4 instructions when there is no more liquid in the container

4 simple steps to make your fabric softener last longer while saving $$ and taking pride in your soft, fresh smelling, clean laundry!

Thanks Meghan!