How to Get Started using Pure Essential Oils

January 05, 2014

How to Get Started using Pure Essential Oils


It's high time for a back to basics, how to get started with essential oils blog post. Every day, more people are turning to a holistic approach to life, we're just not satisfied with the level of care or the answers anymore. For those of you searching and embarking on a quest to learn more about pure essential oils and how to incorporate them in your everyday life, this is for you!


Essential Oil Lesson ~ the "Cliff Notes" version

There's nothing new about the medicinal use of plants. Our ancestors have used plants, seeds, wood and resins from nature to care for themselves and their families since the beginning of time. Happily, in more modern times we don't have to forage in the forest anymore because we're blessed with the convenience of a little glass bottle brimming with pure, healing essential oils. Essential oils are 50 - 75% more powerful than the herb or plant itself, a little goes a long way. There are those who believe that it's not safe to take essential oils internally no matter how pure they are, this actually has been the norm in the aromatherapy world for many years. However, we now have the ability to use essential oils medicinally/internally with more rigorous testing for purity. This level of quality is what I use personally and, what I write about. Whether you choose to use them topically or internally as the label allows - always seek high quality essential oils. Essential oils are not a cure all but, you'll be surprised at just how many issues can be taken care of with high quality, pure essential oils.

I also suggest that you learn all you can about natural alternatives for healing such as pure essential oils because there will be times when you'll need to rely on your own resources. Emergency preparedness is everyone's responsibility.

You're off to great places, today is your day!

Speaking from personal experience, I started using essential oils the day I bought a diffuser. Who doesn't love a fragrant home? When I learned that I could scent my home with something organic and purify the air we breathe, I was in!

My diffuser allowed immediate gratification, the freshness that billowed up was invigorating and I soon found I could suit my mood or improve it depending on what I put in the diffuser. It also helped me become more comfortable with my new oils by blending and mixing and learning what worked for me and what didn't. If you do nothing but diffuse, you can improve your health and your environment.

To get started I recommend a short list of essential oils that are the most versatile (there's no need to overwhelm you yet :) But trust me, once you start using oils everyday and enjoy the benefits of how they make you feel you'll soon wonder how you ever got through a day without them. Adding more oils to your natural pharmacy can quickly become a new obsession.

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