Is Your Thyroid Under Active?

October 10, 2013

Is Your Thyroid Under Active?


The Power of that Butterfly Shaped Thyroid Gland This subject has been on my list of blog posts to write for months and each time I consider the subject, I get overwhelmed with all of the information. Well, the time has come to jump in! Partly because two awesome bloggers have helped me pare things down to the basics with their blog posts that I'll be borrowing from heavily! Many thanks to Hypothyroid Mom and Wellness Mama. First up, lets start the conversation!

The thyroid is the master control center for the metabolic function of every single cell in your body. Because of this, it has the power to disrupt every part of your body and produce serious changes in every aspect of your life including serious disease, mood, weight gain and low energy levels.

How would you know? This is where it gets really interesting and, a little overwhelming, the symptoms. Let's start with the well known symptoms first: Depression Fatigue or flat out exhaustion Cold feet and hand - sometimes a tingling Puffy eyes Memory loss and difficulty focusing Dry, possibly pale skin Coarse, thinning hair Brittle nails Constipation Trouble sleeping Thinning of the end of the eyebrow Unexplained weight gain with proper diet and exercise


Brace yourself. Dana, creator of Hypothyroid Mom took things further and compiled a list of over 300 signs and symptoms that can point to an under active thyroid. The list includes serious illness, disease, even miscarriage...all from the misfiring of the thyroid. This blog is a wealth of information on cutting edge Hypothyroidism, she dedicates herself to this!

If any of these symptoms feel familiar or helps you to connect the dots this is what Katie AKA Wellness Mama recommends we start doing of which I find to be sound advice! EOs are awesome but a healthy diet is the foundation of health. "I suggest doing a two-week experiment of completely avoiding gluten and soy. Gluten intolerance and autoimmune conditions of the thyroid gland are inextricably linked. In this situation when one eats gluten, the immune system gets the wrong signal to attack the thyroid". "Then there's soy. I have written and talked a lot about soy and spoken out about it for years. Basically, soy blocks the uptake of iodine, an essential mineral the thyroid needs. 60% of the iodine in our bodies is found in the thyroid gland. Iodine is also an essential mineral to protect us from breast and prostate cancer.

How Your Diet can Support the Thyroid

Iodine Rich Foods

- Kelp - Seaweed (found on the Asian aisle of the large groceries or health food stores)- Onions - Artichokes - Pineapple


Selenium maintains the production of various thyroid hormones produced in the thyroid gland. - Pasture raised eggs - Shellfish - Mushrooms - Garlic - Sunflower seeds - Brazil nuts

Essential Fatty Acids - Omega 3s

- Fish oil - Dark leafy greens - Flaxseeds - Chia seeds

Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter 

Raw saturated fat that contains essential fatty acids that promote thyroid health. The fat in these foods is quickly converted to energy, which helps regulate thyroid function. This is why coconut oil and coconut butter can help you lose weight because they contain the good fats that help you burn the bad fats!

Copper and Iron Rich Foods

- Cashews - Clams - Organ meats - Oysters - Red meat - Beans - Leafy greens Food can be medicine or the slowest form of poison. Adding the above mentioned food groups will give your thyroid essential nutrients it needs to function properly and do it's job; giving you more mental clarity, perfect digestion, balanced weight and lots of energy!



Two EO protocols to assist in balancing Thyroid hormones

{if you suspect they're low}


Protocol 1


Two blends used a week at a time, alternating to the next.

Blend 1 (week one)

1 part Lemongrass 1 part Myrrh (can substitute with Peppermint) 1 part carrier oil *Frankincense In a 5ml roller bottle.

Apply topically over thyroid area and reflexology points (big toe), massage in 3x daily. *Whenever I can, I layer a drop of Frankincense over the Lemongrass/Myrrh blend. If it's not convenient (traveling etc.) I take 2 drops of pure Frankincense under my tongue morning and night. Frankincense will help the other EOs along and calm inflammation. At the end of the first week, begin Blend 2 and apply in the same manner. After week 2, begin Blend 1 again.

Blend 2 (week 2)

1 part grounding type blend 1 part Geranium 1 part carrier oil *Frankincense


Protocol 2


25 drops Lemongrass 25 drops Clove 10 drops Frankincense 25 drops carrier oil In a 5ml roller bottle. Apply topically over thyroid area and reflexology points (big toe), massage in 3x daily.

Lastly, a comment from Dana of Hypothyroid Mom that was eye opening for me!

My hope is that this post finds the millions of people worldwide who are not aware of their condition. They are suffering from multiple health complications but they have no clue their thyroid is to blame. Their doctors are prescribing medication after medication for illnesses that could be treated by addressing the underlying hypothyroidism. It is a tragedy.

Then there are those who have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and treated with thyroid replacement medication, however they still suffer from many of the symptoms on this list. Their doctors have no idea the real reason for their ill health is the improperly treated hypothyroidism. They too are being prescribed multiple medications for conditions that could be treated by proper thyroid treatment. Others are mistakenly considered hypochondriacs and prescribed sleeping pills and anti-depressants by their doctors. Others are told their symptoms are just part of normal aging and shrugged off as unimportant. Doctors are relying solely on laboratory tests for diagnosis, not investigating fully the patient’s medical history, symptoms, family history and thorough physical exams. Does this sound like you? It may be time to change doctors. One last word to the wise, if you're currently on medication for hypothyroid, don't go off it without consulting with your doctor first. If any of the information I shared rings true for you, please do your due diligence and investigate your symptoms until you have answers!


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