Keep RV Toilets Fresh and Clean with Essential Oils

April 14, 2021

Keep RV Toilets Fresh and Clean with Essential Oils

And we're back! We just spent a week boondocking (off grid camping) in Grand Staircase National Monument in our Tiny Shiny 16 ft Airstream, where close quarters like that call for essential oils. 

Even though I was armed to the teeth with Camp Wander essential oils and salves in case of boo boos, stomach issues, you name it - Bergamot turned out to be the queen of the desert.

For all RV'ers out there - whether you're boondocking in the desert, living in camp grounds or cruising the highways and byways, keep a bottle of Bergamot handy in the water closet - trust me on this.

The How To:
After flushing, add 2 drops of Bergamot into the water that wells up and remains in the bowl ~ truly a game changer in the long term, porta potty fragrance experience (antibacterial too). 

Of course, this works at home too! No need to buy expensive poo-pourri when there's essential oils in your life, right?

Bonus Pro Tip!
Keep a small usb/battery operated, waterless diffuser in the camp trailer too - it was especially nice to diffuse Airway at night while sleeping under the stars - (in a glamping sort of way).