Keto Friendly Holiday Coffee, Yes Please!

November 08, 2017

Keto Friendly Holiday Coffee, Yes Please!

"One drop of this in my coffee every morning satisfies my craving for the holiday flavored coffee cream. It’s delicious! I can definitely tell a difference between another brand I tried too - this one is the best!" Betsy

Healthy and affordable holiday coffee inspired by a readers review is definitely worth sharing because if you're like me 50 grams of sugar paired with 52 grams of carbs in one grande cup would send me flying out of Ketosis and give me 2 days of inflammation but give me that fat, I'll take healthy fat for fuel all day long. 


 P.S. Did you know that when you eat sugar or refined carbs you spike your insulin, insulin then signals your body to store what you just ate as fat. Note to self: don't spike insulin.

Ok, now that I've thoroughly deflated your pumpkin spice high, try this!

Happy Healthy Holidays!

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More Ways to Keep the Holiday's  

1 cup of lovely hot coffee - preferably organic/fair trade

1 drop peppermint essential oil - preferably Camp Wander brand ;)

2 tablespoons organic heavy cream

Add a healthy sweetener if you must - Xylitol (from Birch, NOT corn) or French Vanilla Stevia