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Last Minute Shave!

March 10, 2014

Last Minute Shave!

This is a pretty little time saver I use when I forget to shave my legs the night before: That day arrives when there's no time to jump in the shower and shave my legs. Most often that day includes a pedicure appointment and there's no way I'm showing up with stubble, you know what I mean? The Last Minute Shave is easy!

You only need three ingredients and a good razor. I keep a bottle of Sweet Almond Oil in the house because it's versatile as a carrier oil and so very light and nice on skin. Sweet Almond Oil is rich in fatty acids, which are great for your skin as they will soothe and soften. The oil also contains high levels of unsaturated triglycerides that moisturize leaving the skin feeling soft. No wonder Jackie O swore by it as a moisturizer! Sweet Almond Oil absorbs easily without greasy after-feel and it contains a high concentration of vitamin E.  It's both an emollient and a humectant because it softens skin, and then prevents moisture loss. Geranium and Lavender Essential Oil One drop of each essential oil adds the healing and antibacterial properties of pure essential oils to the moisturizing benefits of Sweet Almond Oil, it's a beautiful pairing!

Last Minute Shave
  1. For the best bump free, shower free shave, add Sweet Almond Oil and essential oils to the palm of your hand, apply topically to one leg at a time. Massage the blend in lightly, adding more Sweet Almond Oil if needed and shave. Rinse razor as needed.



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