My Best Anti-Age, Acne Fighter

November 09, 2015

My Best Anti-Age, Acne Fighter

If you're looking for a plant based skin formula to protect AND fight problem skin, look no further!  Geranium and Melaleuca essential oils supported with additional skin food ingredients just might be your salvation as an acne fighter and anti-aging blend.

Even though skin issues can be environmental, stress related or hormonal, nature has our back (as per always). Try combining the efforts of Geranium, a skin beautifier and natural anti-aging essential oil if I ever knew one and, Melaleuca, a world class anti-microbial with a touch of astringent power.


Add essential oils to 10ml roller bottle, fill remainder with Rosehip Seed Oil, tip back and forth to blend.

  1. On freshly cleansed face, touch blemishes with roller ball, checking for coverage. For best results, apply before bedtime and before moisturizer.

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