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My Safer, Smarter Bath Protocol

March 11, 2017 4 Comments

My Safer, Smarter Bath Protocol

Essential oils in the bath can be therapeutic to mind, body and spirit but bathing with even just a few drops of essential oils has its hazards. I like to keep things simple with the least steps possible after a very long day, here's what I do...

  • SMARTER - By applying oil first the absorption is complete before sliding into that warm water which by the way, acts as a lovely warm compress - driving the oils a little deeper and, no emulsifier needed
  • SAFER -no concern of essential oils pooling on top of the water causing skin sensitivities or getting accidentally swallowed by bath water drinking kiddos - they're real!

I keep a few blends ready to roll near the bath and Serenity Blue Peace Blend is at the top of the list. It's grounding, relaxing and smells like clean laundry in heaven? CW Serenity Blue, a blend of Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Blue Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Vanilla CO2 comes blended with skin loving organic rosehip seed oil and conveniently packaged in THE BEST roller top bottle (see photo above) - it's ready to roll as we like to say around here.

Steps to a Safer, Smarter Bath

  1. Run a very warm bath
  2. Get naked
  3. Roll your blend (with a carrier oil) on bottoms of feet - the soles of your feet represent every organ and body system and have some impressively big pores.
  4. Roll over your heart - it's instinctively been a favorite application spot for me and I love how fragrance wafts up to my nose when I'm reclined in the warm water, so relaxing!
  5. Roll high on the back of your neck - the suboccipital triangle, as shown above, is very close to the brain stem, this is an important part of the anatomy for essential oil application.
  6. Soak for as long as you want and let CW Serenity Blue and warm water soothe your cares away, safely!


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4 Responses

Jan Bonner
Jan Bonner

September 02, 2017

I always forget the soles of my feet! And they are so important, too.


May 29, 2017

I always hesitate to apply oils to the soles of my feet at the end of (or during) the day because my feet are dirty. Am I helping whatever is on the bottoms of my feet get carried into my body by applying oils and carrier over feet that have seen the ground or shoes all day or isn’t that a concern? Not to mention using a roller on the bottom of my dirty feet and then using it elsewhere…though I guess oils are antibacterial/antimicrobial so maybe they take care of any evil doers left on the roller by my feet?

Rebecca Schiffhauer
Rebecca Schiffhauer

May 10, 2017

Carmen, please email SandyKay at and let her know about the switch, she’ll be happy to make the correction!

Carmen LaPorte
Carmen LaPorte

May 10, 2017

hi i ordered on 4-23 function blend and st johns wart salve i got my order today 4-28 friday i got the st johns wart e oil not salve so now what do I do i have naked salve but i do not know how many drops to use and i really wanted to try the salve with some of the ways to use use it in the remedies section please advise thank you carmen

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