Oil Pulling for Chronic Sinus Infections and Allergies

December 02, 2016

Oil Pulling for Chronic Sinus Infections and Allergies

This is a "why you should try it" post. If you haven't created a habit of oil pulling, maybe this reason alone will be the catalyst to convince you that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! So how can a simple method similar to swishing around with  a mouthwash clear my sinus drainage and possibly give me allergy relief? 

Many sinus suffers first have allergy symptoms and the bacteria starts to build up in their sinuses. Mucous drainage is one of the body’s methods of kicking toxins to the curb. Oil Pulling removes toxins in the mouth, gums and in the lymph {important!}. By swishing and swirling, and moving your jaw, you are creating a lymphatic circulation around your sinuses. This may be the reason why many have had effective results with clearing and, draining of the sinuses from oil pulling. Some people report relief after the first few times, and others may take a few weeks. By stimulating lymphatic circulation, you are helping by encouraging drainage and preventing bacteria build up.

In addition to clearing sinuses and soothing allergies oil pulling holds great promise for improved oral health! This is a versatile daily detox routine that everyone I know can benefit from in one way or another! Truth be told, oil pulling isn't the most convenient habit but there are ways to make it simpler. I like to make up coconut dots ahead of time, I keep them in a clear mason jar in the refrigerator as a constant reminder to "get it done" as easily as possible. My hubby prefers a jar of coconut oil with his favorite essential oil blends mixed in conveniently placed by the bathroom sink. He scoops out a generous teaspoon and goes about his daily shower/shave routine, oil pulling for 20 minutes.  


Our favorite oil pulling blends start with amazing coconut oil! I'm an admitted snob when it comes to CO but I have to be, there are so many imposters out there. One thing I know for a fact, my DIY natural products and my Camp Wander Ready Made Products are only as good as the quality of ingredients I use! I can't emphasize this strongly enough.

Ok, why Peppermint? Peppermint opens up blood vessels to increase blood supply. This is helpful because the sinus region has very little blood flow. The extra blood flow allows the infection (“snot”) to drop or slide out of the sinus cavities. Sorry, a tad graphic but so interesting! There's an added bonus to using Peppermint essential oil in an oil pulling blend, it's a minty fresh party in your mouth for 20 minutes!

In summary, whether you make your own oil pulling blend with high quality coconut oil and pure, therapeutic essential oils or, use my convenient readymade versions, this is a habit you want to incorporate in your life and the lives of your loved ones. When you make oil pulling a habit you can count on reduced dental bills, pain relief, lessened sinus infections, milder allergy reactions, whiter teeth and other surprising results. 

  • If possible, oil pull first thing in the morning before you brush your teeth or drink anything but anytime of the day is effective
  • Gently swish a generous teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth and between your teeth for 20 minutes, don’t swallow any of the oil. TIP! Swish gently so you don’t tire out your cheeks and jaw
  • Important! Spit out the oil in the trash (not the sink), the oil will be full of bacteria etc, do not swallow
  • Finally, brush your teeth
  • Oil pull 4 to 5 times per week

In case you were wondering... From Coconut Oil Research Center: Occasionally people report that they have lost fillings or crowns when they started oil pulling. Others are hesitant to try oil pulling in fear that it might loosen their dental work. Let me ease your fears. Oil pulling will not and cannot loosen properly placed crowns or fillings. The only time oil pulling will affect crowns or fillings is if the teeth underneath have decayed and are full of infection. In this case, the foundation on which the crowns or fillings are secured to is badly decayed and unable to hold the dental material.

Oil pulling removes, bacteria, pus, and mucus. It cannot pull out porcelain, amalgam, or composite dental materials from the teeth. If you have fillings or crowns, you are completely safe. If however, a filling or crown does come loose, be thankful. This indicates that the underlying tooth is rotting and full of infection. This infection is spreading throughout your mouth and your entire body. You need to have it removed as soon as possible. If oil pulling brought your attention to this problem, you are lucky because now you know the problem exists and can take care of it without experiencing further harm.