On the Go Antiviral Throat Spray

March 17, 2020

On the Go Antiviral Throat Spray

After a seemingly endless cold and flu season we're now faced with a novel corona virus, COVID 19. A new virus often accompanied by a sore throat, cough, fever and respiratory infection. 

A week ago I wrote about the benefits of gargling to prevent or treat a sore throat but gargling isn't always convenient. I think you'll find this spray protocol easier for the whole family to use.

Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy:

The researchers found very high levels of virus emitted from the throat of patients from the earliest point in their illness —when people are generally still going about their daily routines.

Shedding from the upper airways early in infection makes for a virus that is much harder to contain. The scientists said at peak shedding, people with Covid-19 are emitting more than 1,000 times more virus than was emitted during peak shedding of SARS infection, a fact that likely explains the rapid spread of the virus. 

January 2022 - updated information re: omnicron variant -

“The result of all the mutations that make Omicron different from previous variants is that it may have altered its ability to infect different sorts of cells,” said Deenan Pillay, professor of virology at University College London.

“In essence, it looks to be more able to infect the upper respiratory tract – cells in the throat. So it would multiply in cells there more readily than in cells deep in the lung. This is really preliminary but the studies point in the same direction.”

If the virus replicates more in the throat, that makes it more transmissible, which would help to explain the rapid spread of Omicron. A virus that is good at infecting lung tissue, on the other hand, will be potentially more dangerous but less transmissible.


My sense of common sense tells me that a blast to the back of throat with an antiviral serum would be beneficial, especially in the early stages of a scratchy throat when this particular virus is so infectious. Not only can this spray soothe a sore throat, more importantly, it may slow viral buildup and possibly give our immunity systems a fighting chance. 

Sore Throat Spray How To 

10ml Roller Bottle

Spray Cap Fitment for Roller Bottles

12 Drops Immunity Impact Blend or Cold & Flu Ease Blend

Fractionated Coconut Oil


Add 12 drops of either EO blend to a clean 10ml Roller Bottle, fill remainder of vial with Fractionated Coconut Oil, top with Spray Cap Fitment.

Spritz back of throat 3 to 4 times as needed.

Rest, stay home, drink plenty of fluids, see a health care professional if fever persists and/or breathing becomes labored. 

Take care of yourself, be safe!