Stop and Prevent Common Nosebleeds

December 19, 2015

Stop and Prevent Common Nosebleeds


Nosebleeds due to dry weather, cold weather or "digital manipulation" yes, digital as in digit, meaning, finger - can be handled fast and efficiently with an essential oil. It's amazing just how quickly a common nosebleed can be stopped with either of these essential oils. For prevention, consider practicing these daily routines too. There are two therapeutic essential oil salves to consider and they are Helichrysum or Geranium.



Helichrysum is a healer encompassing wound healing, nerve damage, pain relief and regeneration. Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt says this about Helichrysum, "Helichrysum italicum works for all conditions in which inflamed tissue needs to be calmed and regenerated." and, Its effects are so convincing that it has never met with any kind of criticism despite the absence of data on its effectiveness. Helichrysum oil demonstrates that anecdotal evidence can create a reality without the help of industrially sponsored science. Helichrysum is more predictable in its action than almost any other oil and is produced and sold by small enterprises that understand the needs of the aromatherapy market.” (Schnaubelt, pg. 240) I know, this incredible oil is expensive but when you consider it's unparalleled results it's one worth investing in. However, if Helichrysum is out of your price range, until you can save up, consider Geranium!  While I love Helichrysum and keep it in my home at all times for emergencies to stop bleeding and manage acute pain, including nerve pain like sciatica, Geranium is also very special and perhaps a better option for your budget. 

Whichever you essential oil you choose, you'll only need a very small amount, less for children and a carrier base salve like Naked Salve. Apply to sides and top of nose then pinch the nose together just below the bone and release to check bleeding every minute or so. Keep a tissue handy if needed but don't pack it into the nostril. If you're dealing with a common nosebleed, you should be quite pleased with your administrations, this protocol is easy and has great results. If bleeding continues and bleeding is profuse, contact your health care provider immediately, a heavy nosebleed could be a symptom of more serious issues.


To prevent nosebleeds caused by dry, cold air, keep your nasal passages moist!  A simple swab of CW Naked Salve with a qTip every morning can make a world of difference especially if you're going outside for a run or walk. Using a humidifier when you're indoors is a great help too. During the cold winter months here in Wyoming, I use this particular ultrasonic humidifier with 20 drops of pure essential oil added to water in the base of unit. Yes, I use EOs in this humidifier at my own risk but this humidifier has survived the EOs for well over a year now.

Be well and feel empowered with Therapeutic Helichrysum and/or Geranium Essential Oil Salves in your First Aid Kit!