Tired Thyroid Protocol with Function

September 14, 2016

Tired Thyroid Protocol with Function


Most of us are on the lookout for help in the hormone department, in my case, I wanted to jumpstart my metabolism and lift that heavy feeling of an overburdened body, mind and soul. I call my little helper, Function. Finding hormonal balance is my quest of the century. When the endocrine system is out of whack we can experience weight gain, mood swings, thinning hair, chronic discomfort, hot flashes, night sweats, cloudy brain, lazy libido, you name it, it all begins with the thyroid. I make no claim that my little blend is a cure all for this long list of gripes but, it's sure helping! "We are wising up and recognizing that more subtle changes in function can have significant health consequences. Remember, this is the master metabolism hormone that controls the function and activity of almost every organ and cell in your body. When it is sluggish or slow, everything slows down." Dr. Mark Hyman According to Dr. Mark Hyman, the most common culprits that contribute to a tired thyroid are:


  • Environmental toxins - such as pesticides that act as hormone or endocrine disruptors, interfering with metabolism and function. A study showed that as we lose weight, pesticides are released from their fat tissue. Can you say YUCK.
  • Stress - the more stress you're under the worse your thyroid functions.
  • Inflammation - perhaps from gluten intolerance caused by genetically modified grains with some very strange proteins or processed food (Frankenfoods). Both can signal the body to create antibodies that fight to rid the body of foreign substance. This is a chronic inflammatory response that interferes with Thyroid function.
  • Nutrient deficiencies - Iodine, vitamin D, omega-3 fats, selenium, zinc, vitamin A and B vitamins.
According to my own due diligence (which I highly encourage all of you to practice!) I needed to start with a simple, healthy detoxification along with lifestyle changes.  
  1. I read up on essential oils that address inflammation and detoxification, namely Turmeric and Black Pepper, Bergamot, Lemongrass and Frankincense as my supplements of choice and created a detox and more blend that I've named Function
  2. I increased my water intake and included 2 drops of a citrus essential oil per 30 oz of H2O. I try to drink at least 60 ounces of water each day.
  3. Continued to eat organically whenever possible.
  4. Get 30 minutes of exercise everyday.


Please read my experience before moving forward, this protocol was a little intense the first few days until I found what worked best for me.

My advice will always be, less is more. When you practice moderation you allow your body the chance to let you know what it wants and what it doesn't need.

My Routine
  • Dilute blend - I used a 1 part blend to 1 part carrier oil dilution (50/50). This blend must be diluted. Less is definitely more here, it's a powerful blend!
  • Day 1 thru 3 - I opted to roll blend over thyroid using a Z pattern 3x daily. This caused a "clean out", the lightening effect was welcome but I also felt tired, achey and a little off, even the whites of my eyes went slightly yellow. I felt certain I was getting rid of toxins so I soldiered on but made some modifications.
  • Day 4 thru 6 - Upped water intake to 60 ounces minimum, added 2 drops of Lime or Grapefruit essential oil to each large tumbler of water to aid the flushing of toxins and reduced Function Blend application to 2x daily.
  • Day 7 onward - Feeling good! Now I apply 1x daily in the morning.
My Results
  • Weight loss due to water and waste detox/flush
  • Sugar cravings reduced significantly
  • Clarity of thought
  • Increased energy - love this result!
  • Reduced inflammation in joints
Tired Thyroid Protocol with Function
Recipe Type: Function Detoxification Blend
Author: Camp Wander
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  1. Add all therapeutic CW Essential Oils, top roller bottle off with CW Rosehip Seed Carrier Oil, blend.
Please note that I'm not a physician, I'm not on meds and in general, enjoy good health, I'm simply sharing a plant based option that has worked for me. Use of essential oils is not intended to take the place of your health providers care. If you are under a physicians care please check with your physician before making any changes to your established protocols.