Ultimate Oil Cleansing Blend for Tired Skin

January 07, 2016

Ultimate Oil Cleansing Blend for Tired Skin



Never has there been a simpler way to make big changes to your skin, oil cleansing is incredible for ALL skin types. Enjoy a new oil cleansing blend and skincare routine that's just perfect for hyperpigmentation, acne prone or mature skin.

Oil cleansing may sound counter-intuitive to some but when you consider that oil breaks down oil it begins to makes sense, even for acne prone skin. Why? Certain oils (high in linoleic acid) go after the grime without stripping your natural oils which in turn prevents your skin from overreacting and producing more oil. I love the simplicity of oil cleansing and how my skin feels afterwards, soft and moisturized rather than dry and in need of a thick moisturizer.

Traditionally, carrier oils like olive, coconut and castor oil are used but they're not super successful for many of us because of the high oleic acid content. For some, these oils can make breakouts worse and have proven to be too drying for mature skin.

When skin's sebum is high in oleic acid sebum becomes hard and clogs pores. Applying (feeding) our skin natural carrier oils that are high in linoleic acid balances sebum to also be higher in linoleic acid which helps tired skin look vibrant and clear.

If what I just said resonates with you, I think you'll love my best alternative!

The celebrity status of Rosehip Seed Oil -

Rosehip seed oil is the only vegetable oil to contain retinol (vitamin A). It is also high in the essential fatty acids, linoleic acid (omega-6) and linolenic acid (omega-3), as well as the antioxidant lycopene and beta-carotene. The essential fatty acids are naturally moisturizing while the anti-oxidants and beta-carotene help prevent premature aging and promote wound healing while regenerating tissue. Vitamin A (retinol) fights wrinkles, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. It's really great for all skin types, high quality (organic, unrefined, cold pressed) Rosehip Seed Oil is incredibly nourishing. You may remember me referring to this oil as a "dry oil", this only means that the high essential fatty acid content is absorbed by the skin rapidly, a good thing!

Two secrets for the ultimate skincare regime -
  1. Incorporate the use of quality microfiber wash cloths - they won't aggravate sensitive skin as washcloths might, microfiber provides a gentle exfoliation and it really grabs the grime and makeup in a gentle manner.
  2. A fine finish to your routine is a gentle skin serum applied very lightly. My Ultimate Skin Serum recipe, also available for purchase in the CW Shop has been around for awhile, long enough for it's fans to see true results with regular use. Organic Emu oil for deep penetration and plumping infused with therapeutic essential oils of: Lavender, Frankincense, Geranium, Sandalwood, Helichrysum and Rose is light, restorative, regenerative and nourishing. Combined with a Rosehip Seed Oil Cleanse you'll be pleased with more radiant, clear, vibrant skin! Say goodbye to that tired, stressed out skin looking back at you in the mirror.
The how to -
  1. If you're wearing eye makeup, gently wipe it away with a little Rosehip Seed Oil on a cotton pad.
  2. Use approximately 1 teaspoon of Rosehip Seed Oil, pour it into your palm and massage the oil on your face and down your neck (don't forget the neck!). If I need more oil, I add another layer.
  3. Run a microfiber wash cloth under very warm, bordering on hot water, wring it out.
  4. Place the warm cloth over your face and neck allowing the steam to open your pores and let the goods in. 30 seconds is all it takes.
  5. Now you can begin to gently wipe the oil away.
  6. Repeat until washcloth is free of makeup and dirt.
  7. Apply a light layer of Ultimate Skin Serum over face and neck.

I never thought skincare could be this easy or inexpensive but as it turns out, I was wrong for many years!

The best skincare is the simplest skincare.