Vitamin C and the Cold and Flu Bomb

March 02, 2015

Vitamin C and the Cold and Flu Bomb


It's nigh to Spring and the fight against unusually strong strains of the cold and flu continues. Hospitals and doctor's offices are still treating thousands of infants and elderly with RSV.  I don't doubt that there are many among us, parents and care givers alike who are feeling helpless, tired and scared. For those of us who practice wellness with pure essential oils and other natural alternatives, we understand that our ability to fight sickness is dependent on immunity and, the virulence of a cold or flu bug. While I've eradicated my share of colds and flu using variations of the cold and flu bombs I'll be honest, there have been a few times when I wondered if I'd ever win the battle!  Been there, done that? Happily, I have a complimentary protocol that might work wonders for that persistent virus you've been battling.  Late last year, our 4 yr old grand girl was battling a nasty respiratory virus, lethargic and coughing, especially at night.  We threw everything we knew at it. My oldest daughter, Chloe's Mama is definitely a healer in her home, she knows and uses pure EOs and other natural supplements every single day.  She was motivated to end her baby's sick days (going on 10 days) and started digging.  Thanks to Raising Natural Kids she was led to an effective protocol that felt safe and ended working very well along with anti-viral EO protocols.  Once Tiffany began to introduce large doses of vitamin c our little Chloe was much improved by the next day, astoundingly so!  We've been using it ever since at the first sign of illness right along with our essential oil remedies. While the information in this blog post is about a remedy that worked for us, I'll be keeping the information very basic because a mega dose vitamin c protocol ranges from simple to complex.  If you start delving into vitamin c protocols for serious disease you'll be fascinated but, you'll need to do your own due diligence and decide if it's something you'd like to try and learn more about. My motive is to simply bring this alternative to your attention in case you find yourself in need of more options as we did.

Interesting Facts:
  • Vitamin C supports nearly every system in your body including adrenals, your immune system, your cardiovascular system and more. It's also a neutralizer of free radicals.  The simple premise behind large doses of vitamin c is that the sicker you are the more free radicals you have in your body and the more vitamin c your body will absorb and use.
  • The body keeps a small reserve of vitamin c for use when there is more internal demand but when you become ill it's quickly depleted.
  • According to Dr. Suzanne Humphries, M.D: "Toxicity of anything can only occur with unused excess which acts as a "poison" in the body, and is retained. Vitamin C is never a poison in the body, because every single function of the body requires it, and when there is too much, the person has a one-time episode of loose bowels, as the excess is removed from the body. This is how you know you’ve had enough vitamin C. For anyone to consider that vitamin C could have toxicity means that they have no understanding of the various roles that vitamin C has in the body. There is a full body of research literature supporting the truth that vitamin C is nontoxic and safe in indicated circumstances in megadose quantities. There is much evidence indicating that vitamin C metabolism changes during infections and this may affect the relationship between doses and adverse effects (Hemilä 2006 pp 6-7 12), meaning that if you are burning through vitamin C and your body is requiring more and more, you will not suffer from toxicity. You will suffer from lack of it!"  To read her report:  in it's entirety {click here}


In the report above, proper dosing for children (babies and nursing moms too) and adults is discussed by the physician. I don't want to attempt to interpret her protocol because it's important you get the entire scope of her knowledge first. After reading the article and doing your own due diligence you'll have a better understanding of how vitamin c in large doses works. This particular report focuses on whooping cough but it helped my daughter understand that it could be helpful with any respiratory infection. Dr. Humphries also mentions that finding a GMO free vitamin c is very important and recommended this brand, which is what we're using too. It's been a great journey learning about pure essential oils and how they fight for us and keep us well.  Over the years I now understand that EOs work beautifully alone or with other natural alternatives and I hope I get that message across with the information I share here!  Learning about the benefits of natural living and how EOs play a star role in sickness and in health is my goal and my story. Don't be afraid to take things further as my daughter did. While pure essential oils are AMAZING they can be even more so with whole foods, clean water and care :-) Let's not limit our knowledge or experience to several EO protocols, there's a whole planet of healing just waiting to be discovered. Before I end, I want to remind you of this powerful diffuser blend and just how important diffusing in your home or office can be!  It's an easy protocol that can be of great benefit to everyone in close proximity.  Especially helpful for young ones when you not sure how to apply EOs or use them on your littles.  Killing airborne pathogens by diffusing PURE essential oils is how I learned to love essential oils, it's simple and comfortable for the beginner to do.  I'll never consider myself an expert in anything but I will promise you that investing in a good diffuser and pure EOs is sure to be a game changer for you, your family and even your pets!  Be sure to visit this post for Cold and Flu Bomb (anti-viral) protocols before you go.  They were instrumental as was the vitamin c protocol in battling a very virulent virus.