What Flower Waters Can Do For Your Skin

May 22, 2020

What Flower Waters Can Do For Your Skin

Flower Waters, also known as Hydrosols are pure plant waters extracted through the ancient art of distillation. Simple, gentle and lovingly powerful - these botanical waters have been used for millennia to bring harmony and serenity to skin and spirit. 

I've found Flower Water/Hydrosol to be the single most transformative step I've ever incorporated into my skin care routine, especially as a mature woman of a certain age (62!) with mature skin needs. 

Hydrosols and essential oils are co-products of the distillation of aromatic plants.

Essential Oils are the volatile, fat-soluble compounds from within the plant. They are powerful, active, and very concentrated. Because of their tiny molecular size, essential oils absorb swiftly into the body. 

Hydrosols are primarily the water-soluble elements of the plant, though they also contain micro-amounts of essential oil, as well as cellular water - which is the water from within the plant itself.

Hydrosols are an imprint of the whole plant. It takes eight pounds of plant material to make a gallon of hydrosol. They are gentle, yet effective, and completely safe and there is no need to dilute hydrosols.

Both essential oils and hydrosols have an important place in holistic skin care.

Hydrosols are the missing link in hydration.

Proper hydrating and moisturizing includes the union of oils + cellular plant waters. Many people who use a facial serums alone are often dissatisfied with the results, or feel they also need a moisturizer. This is because using an oil based serum alone is only half of the moisture/hydration equation. Integrating a hydrosol into your daily skincare ritual - especially when used with a serum, balm, butter or moisturizer - completely transforms the results of your skin care, and elevates it to the next level.

Like plant based remedies, hydrosols don't address any symptoms that are not there. They won't throw the system out of alignment. For example, although Neroli Water is a great choice for oily skin, it won't dry the skin out, it's a wonderful tonic for dry skin as well.

In aromatherapy, the term "hydrosol" applies only to the therapeutic water created from the distillation of aromatic plants. But a hydrosol is not essential oil added to water or any other combination of ingredients. A true hydrosol is only one ingredient - pure plant water.

In the 17th century, you could purchase essential oils as medicines in European apothecaries. Hydrosols dwelled on the sidelines but were still used as “beauty waters” to enhance the complexion.

Best Practice

The best and most effective way to use hydrosols daily is by pairing them with an oil serum. This re-creates the protective barrier the skin creates for itself and acts as an antioxidant treatment, toner and moisturizer in one. For best results, use morning and night.

  • Saturate the face, morning, night and throughout the day - even over makeup to refresh application, it works!
  •  Apply after cleansing and before your moisture step (oil serum or moisturizer).
  •  Use as the liquid element to moisten Clay Masks
  •  Use as a gentle morning cleanser by simply saturating face with hydrosol, then softly patting the skin with a clean cloth. Once you spritz your thirsty morning skin with Flower Water, you'll be addicted to the feeling!

The more hydrosol you use, the calmer, softer, and more luminous the skin becomes.