What's The Big Deal About Salve?

September 30, 2015

What's The Big Deal About Salve?

According to essential oil expert, Valerie Worwood, author of The Fragrant Mind there are several ways to take essential oils into the body (bloodstream). When it comes to topical essential oil application, using a pure salve base is a big deal, here's why.

Learning about essential oils is fascinating!  These smart substances can move through the body effortlessly, even passing through the interstitial fluid with ease (fluid that surrounds cells), no other known substance can do this, certainly not synthetic antibiotics. Essential oils are the perfect drug delivery system, it's as if they know where they're needed.  And because their chemical composition changes due to natural cycles like weather and harvest, the natural world prevents bacteria from becoming resistant.

Here's more good news:  you don't need to swallow essential oils to reap their benefits. Simply smoothing them on your skin will deliver the complex chemical compounds directly into your bloodstream.

But there's a caveat!  How to apply highly potent essential oils to your skin, safely.

 After years of essential oil use I believe in blending natural with natural for safety and potency.  Pure, therapeutic essential oils blended with organic ingredients like unrefined, virgin coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, rosehip seed oil and Kosher certified non-gmo vitamin e create a nutrient packed, healing salve that also slows the oxidation of essential oils, is safely pre-diluted for children and adults, convenient to use and share, spill proof but most of all, even healthier and safe! Here's a study that found coconut oil and oregano essential oil used together to be a powerful natural antibiotic.

If you're ready to get started using essential oils wisely, here's my basic Naked Salve recipe that I combine with all my essential oils for topical applications.  It's easy to make but remember, your salve will only be as effective as the quality of ingredients you use, don't scrimp.  I know you've paid good money for high quality essential oils, make sure your ingredients are just as pure and use glass jars, plastic defeats the purity.

Lastly, the bottoms of your feet have lots of large pores, this is a great area to apply essential oils with salve.  I also like the back of neck and tops of shoulders for mood management and headache relief.  The navel is a great area for gastrointestinal or parasitic issues too.  Again, blending essential oils in a salve base will give you the proper dilution to avoid skin sensitivity, it just makes so much sense in so many ways.