Cannabis Sativa Salve

New Essential Oil & Salve! I'm excited to share the newest Camp Wander Essential Oil, Cannabis Sativa in our popular salve formulation for family friendly, skin protective, ease of use. Cannabis Sativa EO is a terpene rich essential oil that is steam distilled from the leaves and flowering tops of the Cannabis Sativa Hemp plant. This information may be new to many of you but it's important to note that the essential oil of cannabis does not contain CBD or THC, only the aromatic compounds (terpenes) with a medicinal value all their own.

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10 Things to Know & Love About Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil


Customer Reviews

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Wonder product

I am retired but still work 3 days a week. Im on my feet for 5 hours each day and some days I limp home, my feet just aching. Ive tried everyrhing but last night I was reading reviews on this product and remembered I had a sample. I applied it along with immunity blend on my feet. Next thing I knew it was morning, no achy feet. I ordered the large size this morning. Simply amazing. Thank you Rebecca once again for showing us the light!


Love every Camp Wander Salve and Cannabis Sativa salve is on the top as it works wonders when used in addition to other salves. Love adding it to Nerve and Pain Block as well as many others.

Onalee Ann Smith

I rub this salve along with the nerve and pain salve every night on my husbands feet due to neuropathy and it has made such a difference in him

Love this Salve!

I use this every morning on my knees and love it. It definitely takes the edge off knee pain. Love all my products from Camp Wander.

Cannabis for Aches and pains

This works really well on my aches and pains. I ordered another jar because I’ve recently had a long term pain in my right wrist and hand. It is probably arthritis from a previous surgery and a later break in my wrist. It does help.

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