Deodorant Spray - Simply Clean

Our spray formula makes application a breeze and doesn't leave streaks on your clothes. White residue? No way. Lavender, lemon, melaleuca essential oils in organic witch hazel and splash of organic alcohol create an irresistible combo you'll be reaching for without even thinking — like a favorite antibacterial herbal bouquet before you rush out the door.

“Patients often think that if they have body odor they might be unwell, or that they might be perceived as having poor hygiene," Rosemarie Ingleton, MD, a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist explains. But in reality, she explains that body odor is simply a result of skin bacteria.

PRO TIP: This compact bottle is easy to take on the go if you need a refresh.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Not quite strong enough for me

I love using essential oils and natural products. The smell is mild but I find I must use more than a couple of sprays and it only lasts for several hours. Might not work for everyone’s body chemistry.

Really like

I was impressed that it really works. I am not a fan of tea tree though . After spraying could smell the tea tree and thought this is not going to work, but the tea tree didn't bother me as much as I thought it would, the essential oils combined smelled really good. So far the deodorant works really well and all the ingredients I know!

Laurie Cramer

This natural deodorant really works! I've used other products that are salve based and they've been ineffective, leaving greasy areas on my clothing and odor in my armpits. Post menopausal power surges leave me less than fresh. This deodorant combats the bacteria that causes odor and allows me to feel fresh.

Christine M.
My new FAVORITE Camp Wander product!!

This REALLY WORKS! Fresh, clean and lovely essential oil fragrance that lasts and has zero irritation! If you have "leftover" natural coconut oil deodorant sticks that weren't as effective, no need to throw them out! I use a spritz of this amazing deodorant first and then add a "sealing coat" of one of my leftovers. I'm not tossing anything in the trash and feel like I'm still getting my money's worth from the lesser products! ;) Please NEVER DISCONTINUE this deodorant - it's the BEST!!!

R White
Clean and fresh

I've used a few different natural deodorants but this one is my favorite. It goes on clean, it wash off easy and I don't stink. I'm also not having any redness, itchiness or burning. It's been the best natural deodorant I've tried.

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