Cannabis Sativa HEMP Essential Oil

Cannabis Sativa HEMP essential oil is a terpene rich essential oil that is steam distilled from the leaves and flowering tops of the Cannabis Sativa Hemp plant.

This information may be new to many of you but it's important to note that the essential oil of cannabis sativa does not contain CBD or THC, only the aromatic compounds (terpenes) with medicinal value all their own.

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Ten Things to Know and Love about Cannabis Sativa Essential Oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kris Lieb
Calming, relaxing

A drop or two on the soles of my fwet help me sleep. Great for my menopause-related insomnia.

Use it everyday.

I mix it with my nerve block oil and it is helping so much with my leg pain. Thanks.

Todd Pearson
healing help

very effective with lemongrass taking the pain away from my damaged knee.


This salve is good as a stand alone or as a booster when combined with other salves , blends or eo’s of choice.
My hus has difficulty in controlling Blood Pressure and this salve applied to feet in evening has shown to be extremely beneficial along with prescribed meds to help curb dangerously high b.p. levels and also he is sleeping longer without periods of restlessness. These are all good things!, 😄.
Combined with much prayer for God to bring healing...we are grateful.

Cyndee B
Works amazing on sore muscles

I have a frozen shoulder, after an entire day of yard work and heavy raking, my shoulder was screaming. I had the hubby put just a few drops and rub in my shoulder and had him go over it with Copaiba and within ten minutes the pain was completely gone, never knew my shoulder even hurt. I can see I'm going to need this this spring.

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