Sanctuary Crystal Roller Blend

March Crystal Roller Blend - Sanctuary

A beautiful 10 ml Crystal Roller Blend to lift you in your journey, strengthen emotional well being and ground body systems. Combining the essence of key therapeutic essential oils with the vibration of select crystals to help align your spirit with your intentions for health, abundance and mindfulness. 

Burrow deep into a blanket of safe harbor with the ever comforting and therapeutic essential oils of Clove Bud, Nutmeg, Balsam Fir, Black Spruce and White Sage supported by the protective energies of Tourmaline, Fluorite & Himalayan Salt Crystals.

Suggested use: Apply topically over base of spine (root chakra) to summon protection, safe sanctuary and connection to higher self.

          • Clove Bud - well known for powerful antioxidant properties, heightens inner strengths when external and internal environments need to change
          • Nutmeg - supports motivation and focus during especially challenging times - when unable to face tasks ahead, Nutmeg stokes the fire, intensifies energy, provides a hearty warmth
          • Balsam Fir - helpful for respiratory health - its energizing, sweet, grounding, woody aroma promotes steadfastness
          • Black Spruce - adds a depth of insight previously unknown, has the capacity to shift you from feelings of defeat to feeling refreshed and motivated
          • White Sage - purifying, protective, clears negative energy, strengthens aura, antimicrobial
          • Black Tourmaline Crystals- protective, powerful for healing and for psychic protection and spiritual purposes, strengthens immune system
          • Fluorite Crystals - heightens intuitive powers and makes one more aware of higher spiritual realities.
          • Himalayan Salt Crystals - protection from negative sources, grounding

Like everything else on earth, including essential oils, crystals contain energy. Many believe that because of how stable a crystals energy is, the stone can bring stability to our own energy which changes and fluctuates. When people talk about using crystals to heal, this is what they mean: using crystals to bring your energy back to a more stable place. Essential oils and crystals, I can't think of a more beautiful, earthly union!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Renee Johnson
Sanctuary roller blend

I have used it a handful of times.
I do like the smell of it and I rub it on my spine and on the back of my neck.
I can't say I have ever not liked anything from Camp Wander.

Abbe Gilroy
Sanctuary crystal roller ball

Love this roller ball. Like all my camp wander products this one is amazing as well. I feel grounded and uplifted at the same time. It has also been a great gift to give.

Sanctuary roller blend

I think sanctuary has cocooned me. That’s not a bad feeling for me.

Maryann Owen
Sanctuary Crystal Roller Blend

Love it!

Awesome product!

I use this new roller blend every morning and then at night on my spine. Smells good and calms me. Thanks for another awesome product.

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