Equilibrium Salve

As women, our lives are busy, we may have the disease to please and we often put others before ourselves, robbing ourselves of precious equilibrium. When we’re tipping, swaying, spinning it’s time to pay more attention to that lovely being, you! Begin with Equilibrium daily to address toxin buildup, blockages and other imbalances. May also help ease cluster headaches, inflammation/infection, earaches, and stress.


Also available in a 10 ml essential oil blend!

Suggested Usage:

Apply salve topically to bottoms of feet morning and night and consider this application as well: use Equilibrium Salve as an after shower/bath moisturizer for all an all over stabilizing and detoxifying effects. The fragrance is stimulating yet calming.


2 oz
1 oz
2 Pack
    organic, unrefined coconut oil 
    organic olive oil 
    beeswax pastilles 
    organic GMO free, Kosher certified vitamin e oil 
    organic rosehip seed oil 
    frankincense essential oil 
    copaiba essential oil 
    clove essential oil 
    lime essential oil


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Equilibrium Salve

I love all of my Camp Wander products. They are top quality

As promised!

Product arrived in s timely manner and has been effective.

Love it!

I had a touch of vertigo applied equilibrium salve to the bottom of my feet and behind my ears and it works!

Equilibrium salve

Helps my tinnitus.

Miracle of Miracles! It works!

My husband played football and sustained 3 concussions, all on the left side of his head in the same area. He suffers from headaches and debilitating
bouts of vertigo that come on with no warning. We've seen a number of doctors, with no relief. It's scary. I bought this thinking it was worth a try. My husband, even though willing to try most anything, is no longer optimistic. After using Equilibrium for a couple weeks, he's now a believer! He even carries a sample size in his truck, just in case! Because it works so well for him, we decided to try it on our dog, an 85# lab mix who has recently suffered a small stroke - what could it hurt, right? I rub the salve at the base of his ears and whatever's left on my fingers, I rub on his paws, between his toes. (No guidance with this, just did what I thought best.) after a couple of days we started noticing a little difference, and he's continued to improve little by little. I think they both also enjoy the extra attention! We cannot thank you enough for this product, Rebecca.

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