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Ancient Earth Synergy

"The synergistic effects of the combination formed by these two natural resins have been confirmed and have attracted worldwide attention. More and more researchers are actively exploring the substance basis and mechanism of the combination of frankincense and myrrh. Founded on this, this paper systematically reviews the chemical and pharmacological studies of frankincense, myrrh, and frankincense–myrrh compound in an effort to unravel the mysteries of the synergistic effects of the compound from the point of view of chemistry and pharmacology, in order to provide reference for the further study of frankincense, myrrh, and frankincense–myrrh compound, and to provide a relevant basis for their use in the clinical treatment of diseases."

"The abundant clinical experience shows that the combined use of frankincense and myrrh is not a simple superposition of the pharmacological effects of the two drugs, but a synergistic effect that increases the pharmacodynamics, including synergistic anti-inflammatory, synergistic anticancer, synergistic analgesic, synergistic antibacterial, and synergistic blood-activating effects. In addition, the frankincense–myrrh compound also has a significant penetration-promoting effect in vitro. These synergistic pharmacological effects have been confirmed more and more in modern experimental research, and the related mechanisms are also being gradually improved."

Bookmark this study - although it's a technical paper, you will very likely understand the importance of combining Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tracie G
Frankincense and Myrrh salve

This is a great blend that I like to use on my face. It also helps you relax when you rub it on the back of your neck!

Rosemarie Mindt
Frank I sense and Myrrh

I use it on my knees. Especially at night. It seems to have a warming effect and eases the pain.

Judy Furnish
Frankincense and Myrrh Salve

Have only used it twice so far but it has relieved my infrequent lower back pain on the days I’ve used it… good not to have to go to big pharma for this relief!

Marjorie Marshall
Frankincense and Myrrh Salve

I have bought Frankincense and Myrrh blend in the past and was pleased with results; however, the bottle always seemed to clog. The salve works well and there’s no clogged bottle!

Renee Johnson
Frankly about Frank and Myrhh salve...

This salve is wonderful!
I use it for pain. It really does help!
I also gifted some to my Aunt.
She had cancer, and there's a place where a biopsy was done, and it caused her pain.
She puts this on and gets relief!
Plus, it smells heavenly!
If the wise men gifted these to Jesus, then it's good enough for me!

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