Fascia Ease Blend

Scientific research of the last thirty years has only begun to illuminate the mystery of the fascia system. When our fascial system is troubled, it affects our entire existence: Our attitude, our energy, our health, our mobility.

Among the many amazing discoveries about fascia is its role in intercellular communication - in controlling cellular function. This includes cellular respiration, muscle contraction, capillary dilation, etc. Our bodies are composed of billions of cells. Our nerves only contact a portion of them. How then, do the cells that have no direct contact with our nervous system receive commands to function? The answer is the fascia.

Researchers have discovered something else fascinating about the fascia. It seems that it's capable of transmitting energy - electric signals - at speeds that far exceed the capability of our nervous system. In fact, fascia is now referred to as a "superconductor of energy," by quantum physicists. It has been claimed that the fascia is the most important form of communication in the body - solely responsible for the hundreds of thousands of actions each and every living cell in our body must take in order to survive...and thrive. This fascial system has also been labeled a "Liquid Crystal Matrix." The LCM surrounds every living cell of the body--sending them all the signals and energy needed to maintain healthy function.

The impact and remnants of physical injury is in the fascia. Emotions are felt and trauma lies buried in our fascia. Our energy bodies (chakras/meridians) are attached to our physical bodies via our fascia. Fascia surrounds, holds, supports and shields every structure in our bodies. It communicates information faster than our nerves–much faster. And it provides transportation for fluids, to keep itself and everything under it’s supervision hydrated and strong.

Dilute blend w/ a carrier oil, apply topically to areas of tension and discomfort as needed.

Essential Oils: Angelica Root, Cypress, Copaiba, Black Pepper, Helichrysum, Frankincense & Myrrh, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla CO2

Customer Reviews

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Love it!!

This is my favorite!! Thank you Rebecca for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!!

Adina Cameo
Tingly & Smells Heavenly!

If there was a perfume made out of this—I would buy it too! I’m afraid that I’m gonna use too much for the smell itself! This company’s Copaiba is so impressive, that’s what brought me to buy this POWERFUL blend. Their Copaiba worked faster than a pill for when I get migraines. I always wanted to try Ylang Ylang for its benefits, and so, this new blend was a great opportunity! I also LOVE the “Serenity Blue” salve that came with it. Honestly, these 2 were better than the cbd salve that I tried (wasn’t into it at all). The Blue Serenity salve is creamier (less hard like the cbd salve) I like it A LOT and the smell (similar scent to this blend). Overall, tingly heat from this powerful Fascia Ease blend that feels and smells amazing. Thank you for the free gift (Blue Serenity) and the roller bottle - the instructions on use were very helpful! Even when using a carrier blend with it — still has a strong scent. Absolute heaven!

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