Glow & Go Crystal Roller Blend

Glow & Go Crystal Blend is our midsummer ode to our hard working skin!

Skin acts as a protective barrier, however, it's not impenetrable and unyielding. Our skin is receptive and discerning. While skin can appear locked in imbalance, it's actually an expression of internal disharmony. Skin is dynamic, alive and ever-changing, permeable and communicative.

It’s the one organ we can see, the one organ we interact with on a daily basis. 

Skin is beyond beauty and beyond health. Yes, it's both but it's also something more. Skin is sacred and vital. Skin is a messenger. By knowing our skin, we can better know ourselves.

Through the largest organ in our beautiful body, skin gives us the opportunity to live more fully, listen more closely, feel more deeply if we pay attention to it.

Show your skin the gratitude it deserves with our newest skin serum, beautifully energized with crystals. For topical use. Reduce fine lines, brighten age spots, moisturize.

    • Lavender - calm, grounded, softens aura, quiet negative
    • Cypress - uplifting, powerful renewing properties
    • Frankincense - to support our highest self and be one with our innate healing powers
    • Helichrysum - anti-aging benefits, reduce fine lines, fade age spots
    • Rose Otto - joyful, seductive, healer, promotes self love
    • Argan and Rosehip Seed Oil - to nourish skin while protecting against skin sensitivity 
    • Rose Quartz - attract love, summon abundance
    • Clear Quartz - master healer, protective

    Like everything else on earth, including essential oils, crystals contain energy. Many believe that because of how stable a crystal’s energy is, the stone can bring stability to our energy, which changes and fluctuates. When people talk about using crystals to heal, this is what they mean: using crystals to bring your energy back to a more stable place. Essential oils and crystals, I can't think of a more beautiful union!

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    camp wander
    Absolutely lovely
    Love it!!
    Glow and go roller
    Go and Glow Roller

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