Joyful! Crystal Roller Blend

NEW May Offering! JOYFUL!

A beautiful 10 ml Crystal Roller Blend to lift you in your journey, strengthen emotional well being and ground body systems. Combining the essence of key therapeutic essential oils with the vibration of select crystals to help align your spirit with your intentions for health, abundance and mindfulness. 

  • Citrine - radiant energy, happiness, light, discover positive possibilities
  • Carnelian - life of the party, motivates vibrancy and creativity
  • Black Onyx - stamina, boost of energy, bright future focus
  • Turquoise - the master healer, promotes energy flow, renewal, regeneration
  • Bergamot - uplifting, reduces blood pressure, stimulates cell renewal
  • Sweet Orange - energizing, supports positive thoughts, purifying
  • Lavender - calm, grounded, softens aura, quiet negative thoughts
  • Ylang Ylang - mystical, sensual, feminine, protective
  • Sandalwood - the essential oil of prosperity, spiritual, deeply grounding
  • Rose Otto - joyful!, seductive, healer, promotes self love
  • Sandalwood - oil of prosperity, spiritual, deep calming effect
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil - to protect from skin sensitivity 

    Like everything else on earth, including essential oils, crystals contain energy. Many believe that because of how stable a crystal’s energy is, the stone can bring stability to our energy, which changes and fluctuates. When people talk about using crystals to heal, this is what they mean: using crystals to bring your energy back to a more stable place. Essential oils and crystals, I can't think of a more beautiful union!

    Customer Reviews

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    Lucinda Rachel Moore
    Joyful! Crystal Roller Blend is aptly named.

    This blend is mandatory when I am having "one of those mornings". I apply it wherever I would put perfume, and on the soles of my feet. It sets the tone for a cheerful, alert day.

    Terri M
    I Love This Blend!

    This blend is such a nice pick-me- up! Smells so good!

    Georgia Girl

    What can say about Joy - it’s joyful! I love using it throughout a rough day - puts a smile on my face.

    Lovely way to start and end the day!

    I love the soothing smell of this roller blend. So many of my favorite smells all rolled into one bottle. I literally do feel joyful after massaging over my heart and on my wrists. Better than perfume any day!

    Love it!!

    Yet another amazing roller blend to add to my collection. Smells so wonderful.

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