NEW! Pocket Pal Breathe Jars - SIX PACK

Cutest Breathe Jars you ever will see!

Each 1/4 oz glass jar includes a colorful, absorbent ball of felted New Zealand wool - just the thing for pockets, purses, desktops and makeup bags.

Step by Step Use:

Add 10 to 12 drops of your favorite Camp Wander Essential Blend to the bottom of one glass jar.

Place felted wool ball in the oil, seal snuggly with lid, let the oils absorb into the wool ball.

Breathe deeply from the aromatic contents as desired.

Refresh with essential oils as needed.

Remember, inhalation of essential oils is incredibly powerful and effective due to the fact essential oil vapors can pass through the blood brain barrier. Inhalation is the gateway to the brain. It's also a wonderful way to address sinus infection, allergies and exceptional protection from unwelcome pathogens that gain entrance through the nose and throat.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Getz

NEW! Pocket Pal Breathe Jars - SIX PACK

Breathing pots

I love these little pots. I was able to make each of my family members one to use because they all have allergies!

Little gens

Perfect for sinus buster. Keep it by my bed and inhale every night before bed and morning before I start my day

Love the Breathe jars

Keeps my sneezing away, add sinus blend essential oil on the bottom the wool ball does its job by soaking up the oil. It works like a charm!

Georgia Girl
Too Cute

Nothing but love for these tiny beauties. Perfect to take anywhere. Great this time of year with the Spring pollen to use L.L.P.

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