Pocket Breathe Jars

Set of Six - 1/4 oz glass jars include a colorful, absorbent ball of felted New Zealand wool - just the thing for pockets, purses, desktops and airplanes.

Step by Step Use:

Add 10 to 12 drops of your favorite Camp Wander Essential Blend to the bottom of one glass jar.

Place felted wool ball handcrafted in New Zealand in the oil, seal snuggly with lid, let the oils absorb into the wool ball.

Breathe deeply from the aromatic compounds as desired.

Refresh with essential oils as needed.

Remember, inhalation of essential oils is incredibly powerful and effective due to the fact essential oil vapors can pass through the blood brain barrier. Inhalation is the gateway to the brain. It's also a wonderful way to address sinus infection, allergies and exceptional protection from unwelcome pathogens that gain entrance through the nose and throat.

Customer Reviews

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Teri Helms
Pocket Breathe Jars

These are really lovely as well as incredibly functional! So glad I invested.

Jacqueline Chaney

These breathing jars are the perfect size. I can put in my purse or by my bed. I immediately made a sinus buster and a sleep breathing formula. So glad I bought these.

Renee Johnson
Pocket Breathe Jars

I ordered a set of these to test out.
I've been using one so far for Sinus Buster.
It works great.

Pocket Breathe Jars

I LOVE these little Breathe jars! Don’t judge, but I can be really sloppy, reckless even, and toss this haphazardly into my purse (or my cute little polka dot lunch bag), and there it is when I need it! Just open and inhale. No leaking (I give the oil a bit of time to absorb into the wool ball). Nothing on the fingers (great if I’m guilty and don’t want to leave fingerprints). Just pure essence of oil frequencies doing their thing silently and efficiently while I just breathe. :)

Nice Portable Product

Purchased these breathe jars to create a "sinus buster" jar for my husband. Works well, although he says it's not as good as the "steam cup" with sinus buster. Perfect to bring along when the "steam cup" is not do-able.

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