Rose Cream

Overuse of invasive treatments, exfoliants, and prescription meds leaves the skin overworked, stripped and sterilized - that's why it's important to stay as pure as possible with your skin care routine. Every application of Camp Wander Rose Cream is luxurious therapy for your skin.

Simply put, here’s how the skin works - sweat glands and sebaceous glands work together to create a thin coating of lipids (oil) and perspiration (water) – called the acid mantle. The acid mantle is the skin’s protective barrier against disease. When the delicate balance of acidity and alkalinity that makes up the acid mantle is disrupted, the skin’s ability to protect is weakened. You can help to restore your skin's natural balance and softness by choosing natural ingredients with a similar bio-chemistry to your own.

Apply topically to face and body for rose radiant skin 


All Organic Ingredients

  • unrefined, virgin coconut oil
  • Moroccan argan oil
  • Rosehip seed oil
  • raw shea butter
  • gmo-free, Kosher certified Vitamin E oil
  • pure therapeutic Rose essential oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Linda Moore

I was in the hospital for 17 days. It was a life saver for my face, my lips. My roseca has even cleared up. I was very sick, but everyone commented on how could my skin look. I’ll never be with out it

Gritty to Gorgeous

This cream feels gritty at first but once it is being rubbed onto your skin it smooths into a silky soothing cream with a light floral fragrance. I roll a bit of geranium EO over it for “my scent”! Love this cream!

Susan Holbrook

Rose Cream

Heavenly treat for skin and nose

Deeply moisturizing, buttery, absolutely gorgeous natural scent of rose. This is perfect for dry skin, normal skin of the face and body. I also rub some in around my mouth and eye bones to reduce lines and soften these areas. The smell is to die for and it is the highlight of my morning and nightly routine!

Mrs. Nelson
Younger looking skin

I always get compliments on my skin when I use this cream. I really need to just use it all the time instead of switching but I will get suckered into another night cream from a magazine or subscription box but after a bit I ALWAYS find my way back to CE rose cream when I need that extra moisture and when I need assurance that my skin is going to look perfect for an event or photo. My 2 25 and under daughters love it too. The rose scent is heavenly.

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