All Natural Sleep Blend for Kids

June 09, 2014

All Natural Sleep Blend for Kids

Tired mamas ask me often for a safe and gentle sleep remedy that might calm their little night owls at home.  This is a favorite blend for night owls large and small in our family.  It's also one that I'll diffuse in the house just because I love the fragrance combination so much.  

This blend is full of versatility, it's even been used in our car to keep our dogs relaxed on long trips! This is a super simple blend, only two EOs required and a little carrier oil to be properly diluted for the kiddos (if roller bottle blends are your thing!). Teens and adults can use it full strength.

First up, a long-standing choice for it's restful sleep properties, lovely Lavender!  I like pure Lavender in a sleep blend (obviously) but it's especially great during allergy season because it's a natural antihistamine, remember that factoid!  And I can't say enough about Marjoram either, it's one of my top 10 essential oils, truly.  It's properties include pain relief from sore or strained muscles, decongestant, and expectorant. Like Lavender, it too is especially calming. Marjoram and Lavender combined is a gentle way to help your night owls drift off to sleep.

Rockabye Baby Sleep Blend
Author: Camp Wander
  1. You can apply the blend to the bottoms of little feet by roller bottle, spray bottle - both with FCO or, with a small amount of Naked Salve before bedtime.
  2. Diffuse the blend if preferred, it's nice anytime of day actually :)
  3. Apply a drop of the blend to a cotton ball and place near pillow for children old enough. Also, a drop on a favorite blanket or stuffed animal can work wonders too!

Update: At your request, we did the work for you! Lullaby Blend and Lullaby Salve are now available!