Animal Friendly Pet Salve

April 09, 2014

Animal Friendly Pet Salve


Many of you are familiar with CW's All Purpose Healing Salve and many of you have used it on your pets, including me...with no problems.  However, cat loving friends need something too, toxicity can be an issue when felines come in contact with Melaleuca and citrus oils. Now, there's a choice for everyone! The basics ingredients won't change. Organic coconut oil and olive oil with a little beeswax will continue to be the base because it's a tried and true healing combination.

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer, antibacterial and one of the few sources of lauric acid. Olive oil has lots of anti-oxidants, including hydroxytyrosol with anti-inflammatory properties. Pure Lavender essential oil will remain in the animal-friendly version as most animals seem to like Lavender in small doses, it's an anti-microbial with fantastic tissue restoration benefits.  I've added pure Frankincense with the Lavender for it's anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties and also for it's regenerative qualities.  Although Frankincense is a power essential oil it's really very gentle, so gentle it can normally be used undiluted.  In my experience, animals can be drawn to Frankincense. My daughter's Golden Retriever, Gus {the happy dog above} will let her know he wants Frankincense by licking her hand and this is exactly how she supplements her aging friend with Frankincense. Jennifer lets Gus lick 2 drops off the palm of her hand. Animals are so intuitive, it's up to us to watch for their signals.  

When introducing essential oils, please choose pure essential oils, tested for purity without additives and remember that an animal's sense of smell is 100x more sensitive than ours so go lightly. By the way, if you want to start introducing your pets to essential oils start diffusing appropriate oils in your home. Diffusing can be as calming to animals as it is for humans.  I've had many stories from readers remarking how their furry friends LOVE to hang out by the diffuser!  Lavender, seems to be a favorite.

Animal Friendly Pet Salve
Recipe Type: Pet Salve for Topical Use
Author: Camp Wander
  1. Add the coconut and olive oil along with beeswax to a wide mouth mason jar or a 4 cup glass pyrex measuring bowl. Set glass container in a pan of simmering water. Stir occasionally, more stirring towards the end as the beeswax will float to the top.
  2. Set out jars to fill, add essential oils listed to EACH jar. Next, pour melted oils into the jars over the essential oils, you can stir the oils in but they should mix nicely without stirring. Fill to 1/4 inch from the top. Cover with a paper towel and cool on counter for at least 4 hours before sealing with lid. Shelf life without the vitamin e oils is approximately 12 months.

I know what you're thinking...can I still use my standby stash of All Purpose Healing Salve with Lavender, Melaleuca and Lemon on my animals?  My answer is yes, especially if you're treating a wound, hot spot or infection on your dog, horse or any other farm animal.  I'll still caution you with cats even though many people don't have any issues using pure EOs in moderation for their kitty. For this reason, I now offer Pet Friendly Salve - Melaleuca free - in the CW Shop.  

Arm yourself with information, this is a good article written by a veterinarian, Dr. Melissa Shelton:  Forget Everything Bad You've Been Told About Essential Oils for Pets.  Take a moment to read what she has to say, the information may easy your concerns about using essential oils on your pets. Ok then, one last word of advice!  Just as you would never scrimp on your essential oils, do not scrimp on your coconut oil or olive oil either.  These oils are every bit as beneficial as essential oils. Pure essential oils and high-quality coconut and olive oils combined are a powerhouse of healing!  The best of the best source of coconut oil that I use in my salves, smoothies and by the spoonful is Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil sold by Tropical Traditions. It's organic and hand processed - incredible quality!  

Happy Healing to you and yours, furry, hairy or not!

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