Animal Lovers Fly Spray

March 26, 2015

Animal Lovers Fly Spray

I wanted to name this post, Damn Flies Fly Spray!  I do hate flies, I don't even like them near my compost pile and the misery they can cause animals is criminal. It's been such a warm winter in Wyoming, that the flies are emerging early but I'm ready for them, with an organic solution that conditions, repels, heals and sanitizes! I'm going to love showing you how to put your therapeutic quality essential oils to work on your urban or rural homestead.

Let's start simple shall we? Just like us, our animals (pets or livestock) deserve a chemical free life, our ancestors used natural remedies with great success, we can too! Happily, the popularity of the urban farm movement is marching forward, it's an effort to produce a safer food source for our family even if it's simply a few chickens and a backyard beehive. By reaching for natural alternatives first (like fly spray!) we can begin to clean up our soil, our food source and start a cycle of sustainability in our own backyard. Animal and Human Friendly Fly Spray is made with organic apple cider vinegar with the "mother" instead of water, it just works and has so many additional benefits for the skin and immunity.
ACV can boost immunity, ease digestion, sanitize and condition skin, fur/hair or, feathers! TIP: when washing animals, add some ACV to the rinse cycle to cut through the soap and leave their coats gleaming. And then there's the special addition of organic, alcohol-free witch hazel in my Fly Spray to cool and tone!   Keep in mind, skin is the largest organ, be careful with chemicals and wary of commercial products with "All Natural" on the label, many times it's an untruth.  If you can't pronounce the ingredients, chances are it's not a good sign that it's safe for humans or animals and you don't want man nor beast breathing those in.
Animal Lovers Fly Spray
  1. Pour out 1 cup of the ACV, set aside in another container. Add the essential oils directly to the 32 oz bottle of organic apple cider vinegar and then add the witch hazel. Shake well before each use.
  2. Dampen a bandana or clean cloth with warm water and wring out well. Spray the concoction directly on a folded cloth until saturated and wipe down legs, belly and face, wiping carefully around the eyes and ears. Reapply as needed.
  3. Do not spray near the eyes.

When you are in control of what you're putting on your animals you're going to be better equipped to know what they're reacting to should there be a reaction. Most insect or fly repellent products today for animals have no labeling requirements and it can be a more than a challenge to find out what all the ingredients are in a product.  Last but not least, I chose Lavender and Rosemary for my Animal Friendly Fly Spray for the obvious reasons; anti-fungal skin care, healing and soothing of bites along with their natural repellent properties especially when used together. Let's be smart, let's be safe and let's be prepared for P E S T season!  Make your own!

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