Antibiotic Resistant Infection Options

February 15, 2016

Antibiotic Resistant Infection Options

Hard to look at I know but don't be squeamish, be curious! Antibiotic resistant infections are a very real phenomenon that we all need to learn about. This is a family friend's story of her twenty something son and a simple cut that became a dangerous threat. What happened above started out as one of those everyday kind of wounds that unfortunately became infected with a strain of staph bacteria called Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, known to be particularly resistant to antibiotics. The photos took place in February but the antibiotic resistant infection broke loose in early December. "My son's foot has been plagued with a MRSA infection and, Osteo Militias (bone infection). After 7 debridement surgeries in December, almost loosing his foot and three high powered prescription antibiotics for FOURTEEN weeks the wound still didn't seem to be able to close. After one topical application of Frankincense and only FOUR days of the CW Cold & Flu Ease in capsules taken 3x daily - this is the exciting result.  The doctors at the wound clinic were ecstatic!"  -Kristy FYI - the medical staff had no idea that this mama had taken matters into her own hands after fourteen weeks of care, seven operations, three powerful antibiotics and a whole lot of worry.

The Basics
First of all I want to mention that my friend did all the right things, she sought medical attention for her son ASAP, followed health care providers recommendations, agreed to surgeries and more but her intuition nudged her to look at options, namely essential oils. She called me and I shared what I would do if it was my son. It made sense to me that the infection needed help internally and externally as the condition was so acute.  I've used this protocol internally dozens of times whenever I was battling infection from a virus such as a cold or the flu or for open wounds, including my semi-serious bee sting reaction.  This bacteria is prevalent in public places, including gyms, schools and even the sand at the beach. While I don't take dietary standard essential oils internally very often, I do when I'm fighting infection. As I've mentioned before, invest in essential oils and salves with a dietary so you're prepared to use them either way depending on the situation.

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    I too have a few ideas of "things we can do to keep super bugs at bay", this website is full of them, happy browsing!

    Don't forget that each bottle of essential oil in your possession is a powerful ally!

    1. Add all essential oils (drops) to one size 00 gelatin capsule for long lasting storage. Capsules will keep up to 10 days - if kept out of sunlight. Always store your EO filled caps in a cool, dark place.
    2. First day, take 1 capsule every 2 to 3 hours if possible.
    3. Day 2 thru day 10 - take 1 capsule 3x daily
    4. Take one week off.
    5. Continue 10-day protocol if needed.
    6. This is a protocol for adults and teens, not recommended for children.
    7. Consider topical application of CW Essential Oil Salves on the bottoms of feet for children 2 and older.

    Recipe By: CampWander