Baby Blue Roller Blend for Babies

July 30, 2016

Baby Blue Roller Blend for Babies


Every Mama needs this blue blend. Safe for babies, it's a quick draw remedy for crankiness, irritated skin, digestion and yes, even sleep.  I choose Blue Chamomile (German) for it's baby safe calming and tender skin healing properties but also for its rare "blue" chemical compound, azulene. My British Blue Chamomile is by far the loveliest of scent and the gentlest of essential oils. It has no known side effects and one of the very few essential oils that aromatherapists agree is safe enough for babies properly diluted with a carrier oil. When you learn about this gentle giant and why I love it as an all purpose herbal baby healing blend you'll understand just how unique and special this essential oil can be for the whole family.   

What sets Blue Chamomile apart from Roman Chamomile is it's azulene content, a special anti-inflammatory unique to only a few essential oils. Interestingly, the blue in azulene is brought out in the distillation process.

Fascinating Properties of Blue Chamomile - Powerful enough for you but gentle enough for baby too!

Super luscious for sensitive skin - promotes smooth, healthy skin, anti-inflammatory compounds penetrate deep to relieve irritation, pain and boost immune defenses. High in antioxidants - to aid cell regeneration and heal damaged skin from burns, diaper rash, sun damage safely. Promotes healthier skin, eyes, teeth and gums. Strong anti-inflammatory - considered an "herbal aspirin" for it's pain relieving ability but gentle enough for babies and our fragile elderly. Reduces swelling, congestion and redness. Think teething! Fights stress, lightens mood and promotes calm - enabling better sleep patterns and a happier baby. Improves digestion issues - gas, nausea, acid reflux symptoms, diarrhea, vomiting and car sickness.


Because it's very important to dilute essential oils, even the gentle ones for babies I say give just as much attention to a nourishing yet gentle carrier oil like my organic rosehip seed oil. It's rich in fatty acids including omegas 3, 6 and 9, fundamental to healthy skin that the body can't produce on it's own. RHSO is safe for the whole family including baby's sensitive skin also proving beneficial for cradle cap, psoriasis and eczema! Mama's will love that RHSO is safe to use during pregnancy and after birth. It can firm up skin and help regain elasticity. Think stretch marks!

    Now that you know a little more about Blue Chamomile and Rosehip Seed Oil you see that this essential oil blend can benefit the entire family from babies to the fragile elderly. It's a healer, a pain reliever, a mood lifter and a beautifier all wrapped up in a stunning blue oil that you'll want at your disposal as you care for your family. Use in good health, enjoy!

    1. Add essential oil to roller bottle, fill the remainder of the bottle with rosehip seed oil. Replace roller insert and cap. Tip back and forth to blend.
    2. Apply topically as needed.

    Recipe By: CampWander