Blue Chamomile (German)

Blue Chamomile (german) - Matricaria recutita

Dietary Standard

Every Mama needs this blue blend. Safe for babies, it's a quick draw remedy for crankiness, irritated skin, digestion and yes, even sleep.  I choose Blue Chamomile (German) for it's baby safe calming and tender skin healing properties but also for its rare "blue" chemical compound, azulene. My British Blue Chamomile is by far the loveliest of scent and the gentlest of essential oils. It has no known side effects and one of the very few essential oils that aromatherapists agree is safe enough for babies properly diluted with a carrier oil.

Lucky you! Should this CW product be on back order, we should have it shipped to you within 4-5 days.

Size and Origin

10 ml bottle Essential Oil

Origin: Germany

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