Carrier Oil ~ What Is It & How Do I Use It?

February 02, 2013

Carrier Oil ~ What Is It & How Do I Use It?


The What, Why and Where of it!


A carrier oil is the vegetable oil from the fatty part of a plant, namely the nut, seed or kernal and each carrier oil on it's own can offer a therapeutic benefit.


Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils for topical application.


Carrier oils actually carry essential oils into the skin...okay now the word "carrier" makes much more sense, doesn't it?

The Difference Between Essential Oils & Carrier Oil


Essential oils are distilled or pressed from the roots, leaves, bark and rinds of plants and citrus fruit. Essential oils have a strong aroma and for the most part evaporate. Carrier oils are pressed from the fatty part of botanicals and they don't evaporate or influence with a strong aroma like essential oils do.


CW Carrier Oil Fav!



Fractionated Coconut Oil {FCO}


I use this carrier oil almost exclusively! FCO simply means that the fat has been spun out of it, afterwards you're left with only the medium triglycerides. Fractionated coconut oil is a highly stable, tasteless, odorless carrier oil, it penetrates the skin and takes your essential oils to a greater depth to help soothe and heal various health issues!


How to Use Carrier Oil


6 to 10 drops of FCO + essential oils: enough coverage to massage into major joints.


1 teaspoon + essential oils: good coverage for the bottoms of both feet


1 tablespoon + essential oils: good coverage for application to limbs and back/spine.


For Children under 6 yr: Cut dose of essential oils to half and dilute at a 1 to 1 ratio. (1 drop EO to 1 drop carrier oil).



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