Cold Weather Pain Relief Blend

November 27, 2015

Cold Weather Pain Relief Blend


Seeking natural analgesics? Look to the trees. I'm especially impressed with Conifers (cone bearing trees) of late, for their humble yet mighty anti-inflammatory {pain relieving} properties. I see cone bearing trees through different eyes, not only as beautiful and a safe haven to birds and other animals but, as healers. Combine a fir or spruce essential oil with a warming essential oil like Black Pepper or Clove (or both) and you have a simple, natural analgesic that's especially nice for cold weather aches and pains. Because St. John's Wort is especially beneficial for trauma related pain, I would suggest a layer of  St. John's Wort therapeutic essential oil salve as well.

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    1. Layer each salve as called for, as needed on area of discomfort.
    2. For extra calming in times of trauma, layer St John's Wort Salve on bottoms of feet and back of neck.

    Recipe By: CampWander


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