Copaiba Salve

Anti-inflammatory and oh so much more!

Copaiba – Copaifera officinalis essential oil begins as a resin and is vacuum distilled to extract the essential oil. Copaiba is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and oh so much more – containing the highest natural source of caryophyllene, a sesquiterpene.

“Caryophyllene is the primary terpene that contributes to the spiciness of black pepper and also a major terpene in cloves, hops, rosemary, and cannabis.”

Relieves pain, slows bacterial growth, relieves symptoms of depression, reduces inflammation systemically, may inhibit cancer cell growth, prevents oxidation damage to other molecules in the body, helps relieve anxiety, slows damage to the nervous system and brain.

Copaiba is especially potent blended with Frankincense to address fibromyalgia, joint pain and any kind of inflammation.

Origin – Brazil

Shelf life for CW Salve is approximately 12 months.

Remember, coconut oil will melt at 76 degrees, store in a cool place for best results.

Lucky you! Should this item be on backorder it's usually only a 3 to 4 day delay!


All Organic Ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews

I’ve use it every day!


Loving it. Help with my pain in my arm.

Great for pain relief

I injured my shoulder recently trying to help my Mom to the bathroom after she suffered a fall. I'm using this salve plus the Pain and Nerve Block. I've seen results and will continue to use them.
Great products!

Awesome as usual

Everything from CW is amazing! The most wonderful thing is she gives us the recipe so we can make it ourselves and sometimes I do but it really is about the same price and so much easier just to order it already made. Thank you for a fabulous product, the very best service, excellent packaging, and making my pain knocked down to a degree that it’s tolerable!


I hurt my shoulder while moving and have had a difficult time with it. I was able to use Copaiba to take down the swelling to figure out where the injury was and to try and fix it. It’s amazing how quickly it works. I’m glad I tried it.

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