Elk Camp Solar Lanterns + Provisions

July 08, 2012

Elk Camp Solar Lanterns + Provisions


Welcome to Elk Camp on the Grey's River in Wyoming.


The elk hunt in Wyoming is a big deal.  We rely on elk for its clean meat throughout the year. Mike's already knee deep in topo maps, lists, gear and more lists.  We spent last weekend scouting elk camp sites...in June!  There's just so much to plan and organize because you never know if it's going to be warm in Oct. or snowy (ewww).  Needless to say, the gear involved borders on ridiculous.
This year I have a crafty contribution to Elk Camp that will ease the burden of old, out of shape guys chasing elk and, reduce some of the gear.



Solar lanterns!
Let's face it, gas lanterns are SO yesterday!  Make your guy several inexpensive solar lanterns for his burly adventures and bask in his clueless wonderment.  Picture this welcome sight, a few lanterns lighting up camp as the guys stumble in after a long day of hiking.  No worries of flame or fire and, the lanterns start to glow at dusk without being told :)


These are the basic provisions, one solar stick and a wide mouth mason jar, any size.
Remove the stick and the clear plastic shade so you're left with the solar disk...that's all you're going to need for our project besides the jar.
I suggest making at least 3 lanterns for camp.  Two small and one larger jar filled with essentials like a box of matches, a few firestarters and a candle for quick access if needed.


Basically, the solar disk fits up through the ring of the jar, no use for the lid here.  I highly suggest that when you go to purchase your solar stick, take the wide mouth ring with you to test the fit. Push the disk up through the ring almost to the point of pushing it all the way through.  After you've done that, twist the ring back down on the jar.  You might have to muscle this a little because it's an airtight fit.


Suggestions:  put one on the camp table outside, one in the tent and one in the wall tent (camp kitchen).  At the end of your trip, keep the lantern with the emergency provisions in your car! When not is use, disassemble and remove the battery for storage OR, put the extra lanterns in the backyard for a pretty wintery glow on those long nights ahead. They're so pretty in the snow!