Essential Oils for the Modern Pantry

October 23, 2019

Essential Oils for the Modern Pantry

Everyday, life begins in the kitchen. An outdoor camp kitchen or a stylish uptown galley, no matter what your kitchen looks like three things can be found - a heat source, odors and bacteria.

After many years of experience I propose to you that stocking your pantry with just 3 key essential oils is a wise move. Time can be of the essence in the kitchen, it's a good plan to keep this trio of Kitchen Oils within reach.

#1 LAVENDER Essential Oil

This is what Lisa had to say about her Kitchen Lavender... "I have to send a BIG Thank You your way!  I have been using essential oils for a little over a year now. Mostly for aromatherapy, migraine headaches and homemade chap stick. Yesterday I was using my deep fryer, while trying to pry a stuck on piece off the fry basket I managed to flop about a ¼ cup of hot oil back onto my hand. The 375° oil covered all 4 of my fingers back up onto the knuckles on my hand. I immediately washed off the hot oil then literally dumped my lavender oil on my hand. This morning my hand barely hurts, I only have minor stinging in a couple places and I only have one tiny blister (about the size of a pin head) on my pointer finger! Thank you Rebecca!! The knowledge and the recipes you have shared save me from a lot of pain!!". - Lisa

If you're quick about applying Lavender after a kitchen burn occurs you can lessen the pain, stop the damage and speed the healing. Of course, always seek medical attention if necessary.

Keep a bottle of pure Lavender in your pantry and designate it - KITCHEN LAVENDER - by doing this, your bottle is less likely to wander off and you'll have it when you need it most.

#2 LEMON Essential Oil

Lemon, who doesn't love lemon in the kitchen? Its uses are practical, powerful and happy at the same time. Antibacterial, a natural goo-be-gone cleaner and a brilliant air deodorizer that doesn't just mask odor, it takes odor out.

One of my favorite hostess tips is to diffuse lemon essential oil in the kitchen as guests are arriving for a dinner, the fragrance smells wonderful, the kitchen feels fresh and the bright citrus aroma will whet their appetite for the meal to come! FIY, absolutely do this whenever fish is on the menu! What else?

  • Smelly Cutting Boards - Wood or bamboo cutting boards retain the oils of onion, garlic, strong herbs etc. Add 2 drops of Lemon to 1 T olive oil to wipe out odor and condition wood

  • Gooey Label Residue - Rub adhesive with 1 drop of Lemon and wipe off the frustrating mess in an instant!

  • Remove strong kitchen odor while cooking ie: FISH - diffuse 8 to 10 drops in your ultra sonic diffuser or waterless diffuser (stronger)

  • Clean smelly hands after chopping garlic - Spread 1 drop of Lemon on your finger tips, add a small amount of chemical free dish soap if needed


 #3 Immunity Impact Essential Oil Blend

I include this blend in my pantry trio for three reasons - antimicrobial hand soap, dish soap and hand sanitizer. Making soap is easy, just add 20 to 30 drops to your chemical free liquid hand and/or dish soap you keep by the sink for an antimicrobial benefit.

For an easy, healthy, luxurious hand sanitizer try this, both ingredients are superstars in their own right! Organic Rosehip Seed Oil is high in linoleic acid, it's special in many ways but as a hand sanitizer you'll appreciate the "dry" oil that goes after the grime without stripping your natural oils which in turn, prevents your skin from overreacting and producing more oil. 

The anti-microbial benefits of Immunity Impact Blend complete your kitchen health. It's a protective blend that has antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-infectious properties to stimulate the immune system and guard against sore throats, cold and flu and respiratory illness, you want this for your family!  This blend has a spicy yet herbal aroma and is nothing short of wonderful in the diffuser too!

How to Make an Easy, Softening, Hand Sanitizer with Immunity Impact Blend
  • 2 ounce bottle of Organic Rosehip Seed Oil
  • Add 40 drops of Immunity Impact Blend and blend together

"As our friends and families hover in the kitchen let's remember they are hungering for more than physical food. I believe the light in a home shines brightest in the kitchen"

Mary Jo Montanye