Herbal Allergy Ease Salve Stops the Itch

January 05, 2016

Herbal Allergy Ease Salve Stops the Itch


For those times when potential allergens exit and irritate the skin or stress presents you with hives! Reach for Herbal Allergy Ease Salve Blend to stop the itch and calm the skin. Many of us have had positive results using equal amounts of therapeutic Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint {LLP} for allergies - internally and externally.

Herbal Allergy Ease Salve kicks things up a notch with the added benefits of Eucalyptus radiata, Rosemary and Frankincense inspired by a topical use blend that helped a very ill young man recover from brutal welts as his body pushed out allergens. His story will be told in a future post! Let's back up and revisit the blend of equal parts Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint - this combination creates a natural antihistamine which you can enjoy without the synthetic version's side effects of sleepiness, dry mouth and more.

Many EO users add 3 to 4 drops of each to a gelatin capsule and take the therapeutic oils internally, some add the oils to Naked Salve, Naked Salve recipe a simple, organic base that protects the skin while it seals in the essential oils for topical issues. Whichever application you choose, it's a brilliant combination! Why add to the LLP protocol then? While the LLP protocol can be very helpful internally, a topical protocol may be needed as well. Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Frankincense were the natural choices and I'll explain why...

  1. Eucalyptus radiata has the ability to reduce foul odor resulting from severe allergy induced welts/necrotic ulcers and promotes healing. It's anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial benefits and cineole content compliment added Rosemary for a positive synergistic effect.
  2. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation, combined with CW Lavender reduces levels of cortisol - a stress hormone, thereby giving the body a better chance to heal.
  3. Frankincense is regenerative, enhances all other essential oils and has no known adverse side effects. Frankincense is very gentle and can be used neat if warranted (undiluted).

Remedy Recipe

    Recipe By: CampWander

    Testimonial for Herbal Allergy Ease Salve - dairy inflicted skin irritation. "I'm not necessarily lactose intolerant but my skin reacts almost instantly when I eat rich dairy like a milkshake or ice cream.  Within minutes the itching begins and it's horrible especially on my arms. On those occasions when I want to splurge I make sure I have my jar of CW's Allergy Ease with me because in 2 minutes time of rubbing this salve over the itchy irritation it's GONE! Love this stuff!  -Cameron

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