Hot Summer Body Coolant Spray

June 07, 2016

Hot Summer Body Coolant Spray


Whether you're grilling, working, menopausal or playing in hot temps, CW's Body Coolant Spray is a true "his and hers" happy ending. It's liquid AC in a spray bottle and a great gift to make your weekend warrior this Father's Day! This blend has been around awhile, it's time tested and celebrity approved! I get to keep the award winning BBQ Pit Master and restaurant owner, Cameron Treu of Bam Bam's BBQ cool, calm and happy with an icy spritz of cool. Cameron knows all about hot temps so he keeps a trigger sprayer of CW Body Coolant nearby when he's cooking to cool his face and soothe his skin.


Cameron, AKA Bam Bam

If you're a seasoned essential oil lover you know that versatility is their game, it's one of the many reasons why they're so effective and economical. For new EO users, you just learned that you can create a blend to cool down with essential oils - but get this, the same blend can also help you wake up and focus! In the age of "smart" technology, nothing compares to the complexity of the plant world. Ok, lets get to the "how to" section, you're going to love the simplicity!

Start with Bulgarian Rose Water - I'm partial to this one and use it in the big guy's blend. It's soft and clarifying, cooling and soothing and compliments icy fresh Peppermint and vibrant Wild Orange essential oils perfectly. It's incredibly refreshing and your complexion may actually improve with regular use.

Father's Day is coming up, help the kids make Camp Wander - Bam Bam's BBQ approved Body Coolant for their hot, grill happy, Treager smokin Dad, he'll appreciate it as much as you appreciate the backyard cuisine. While you're at it, blend your own bottle because it's amazing on hot, tired feet at the end of the day or to douse a hot flash!

FYI - this ridiculously versatile blend can sanitize hands, work space and utensils in a pinch if you don't mind minty fresh everything and last but no way least, Cameron Treu is my son! He's an avid EO user and gives me free BBQ, how lucky am I?

  1. Add essential oils to glass spray bottle, fill remainder of bottle with CW Rose Water
  2. Shake well before use. Keep refrigerated whenever possible.

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