Wild Orange

Wild Orange - Citrus sinensis essential oil is delectable, sweet, invigorating and welcome in my diffuser anytime, contrary to diffuser manufacturers. Call me a rebel but darn it, Wild Orange is pure joy diffused with Lavender or Peppermint, even Silver Fir and I'm not missing out on any of these delightful combinations. A few drops of Wild Orange essential oil is invigorating in the shower on a washcloth with a little natural liquid soap. Lather up, exfoliate and brighten your skin and morning.

Wild Orange can help a little one made unhappy and uncomfortable from constipation. Apply a drop of Wild Orange and massage on abdomen clockwise several times a day as needed.

Dietary Standard

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Size and Origin

10 ml pure therapeutic essential oil

Origin - Brazil

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Customer Reviews

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Healthy Fresh Mouth

2 drops of Camp Wander Wild Orange essential oil on my toothbrush full of baking soda to brush my teeth. Fresh breathe. Healthy gums. Whiter teeth. Done.

Wild Orange I Think I Love You

What a yum yum fragrance!! It just does it all for a pick me up good mood attitude adjustment and everything in between! I tried the DIY Sweater Weather blend and wowza—it’s awesome! I sure hope you’re subscribed to the CW emails so you can get all the cool tricks and treats, too!

Oh! And Wild Orange is also Ah.Maz.Ing in an almond shortbread cookie recipe (bc it’s dietary standard, thank you very much CW, you rock!!).

Orange you special!

Love it! So glad I made myself buy it.

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