Get Rid of Foot Odor with Melaleuca Salve

May 06, 2018


Smelly feet is a real problem for everyone at some point. This unfortunate condition also has a real medical term - Bromodosis. 

The smell starts with sweat. The sweat glands in your feet are there to keep your feet moist, skin supple and aid in temperature regulation. When you're hot or exercising, your feet sweat even more than usual.

Unlike other sweat glands on your body, the sweat glands in your feet sweat all the time, and not just in response to heat or exercise.

The smell starts when the sweat is broken down by bacteria and fungi living on your skin. (ick factor) As feet sweat decomposes a pungent cheesy odor is produced and can get worse when there's a buildup of bacteria and sweat, usually in your shoes. Hold on though, this is easily remedied and easily preventable!


All you need is a little Melaleuca in your life, preferably in an easy to use Pure Camp Wander Essential Oil Salve formulation. 

add melaleuca salve & socks to your daily morning routine

By the way, socks go a long way in preventing foot odor because they absorb the sweat. I know wearing tennies without socks looks fresh and breezy but if Bromodosis is a problem invest some "no show" ankle socks - the world will thank you. 

usage suggestion

1/2 teaspoon CW Melaleuca Salve per foot - morning application

Simply massage the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial essential oil salve on feet every morning and cover with clean, absorbent socks to absorb the perspiration.

BONUS - the clean, pure ingredients of coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, rosehip seed oil and vitamin e will soften your feet while the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties found in pure melaleuca essential oil get rid of the offending bacteria.

The end.

P.S. Wash your tennies too.