Nature's Antiviral Sanitizing Spray

September 10, 2014



One of the most valuable benefits of pure essential oils is their ability to kill a virus. Yes, you heard that right KILL a virus and, without side effects mind you!  This reason alone makes essential oils universally beneficial for all mankind because our bodies battle bacterial and viral infections daily. Additionally, more virulent strains of bacterial infection like MRSA are growing increasingly resistant to antibiotics.  But here's the kicker... Traditional prescription antibiotics cannot kill a virus, did you know that?  However, our ever generous planet offers us a superhero solution to the complex health hazard of antibiotic resistance - essential oils.  It's so simple it's almost unbelievable but it's true, spend some time with Google and learn for yourself because I love validation!  




Now that school is back in full swing so are microbes that make us very nervous, namely Enterovirus D68.  Tis the season for enterovirus related illness especially contagious in schools. This virus isn't new but the strain showing up this fall is spreading rapidly and that IS new.  Enterovirus D68 is a big worry for children with compromised respiratory systems ie: asthma, chemo patients, infants. After reading many articles, a common preventative is to wash hands often especially in public places like schools, stores and public transportation. "Store bought hand sanitizers are not enough", this comment was made on national news last night. Not a good choice anyway, many contain triclosan which the Environmental Protection Agency has listed as a pesticide. Let's get serious and put pure essential oils to work instead. They're portable, strong enough to kill a virus and they can protect your family safely, responsibly and effectively. In my experience, a small spray bottle is the best application to take with you or send with your kids. Glass or PET plastic spray bottles are widely available and affordable. However, you can add antiviral EOs to Naked Salve or a roller bottle if that's your preference!

FYI - I made sure this blend wouldn't be a problem for little hands that rub their eyes.  I tried rubbing my eyes after sanitizing my hands and all was well, no burn. Good news!  Everything in Nature's Antiviral Sanitizer can be used to fight infection should you or a loved one succumb to Enterovirus D68.  I will suggest two additional essential oils however: Melaleuca to assist Oregano (watch how) and,  Airway Respiratory Blend in case an infection goes to the lungs. Airway can be inhaled or diffused to help open up airways.

I'm grateful beyond words for what I've learned and experienced by using pure essential oils daily, they are a "lifestyle" in our home.  Stay well, and informed!


  1. Add essential oils to empty spray bottle, top off with alcohol free witch hazel and a pinch of salt. The salt acts as an emulsifier but this is optional. If you decide against adding salt to emulsify, shake bottle gently before each use.

Recipe By: CampWander