Pain Relief Remedies with Birch

September 15, 2014

Pain Relief Remedies with Birch


Birch is a powerful pain reliever and important in our arsenal of naturally powerful pain relief! There was a time when my sisters and I pooled our Birch for emergency pain purposes when my sister's husband was injured at work.  Painful nerve damage was gratefully relieved by layering Birch with Helichrysum (for nerve damage). Enjoy the collection of remedies, print them out for your EO Journal or remember you can search them here anytime day or night!

    Note about Emu oil:  The more I use it the more I appreciate this new find (new to me). On a basic level, Emu has hormone-like compounds called Eicosanoids that trigger the body to increase blood flow to an area also encouraging cells to soften their outer membrane to allow more oxygen in and more toxins out.  These two factors encourage skin health and deep penetration to the dermis where new cells are generated – making it an excellent carrier for essential oils, especially pain blends.  I also use this in my Hair Growth Root Stimulator Blend, it's working well for me!  
      Sherry's testimonial!
      “I have to share something with you! I was just about ready to go to the ER this morning after a 3-day migraine. I had tried everything I could find and nothing was helping. I had my bottle of Birch in the shower and I thought, well, I’ve tried everything else… I mixed a few (3) drops in with my shampoo and massaged it in my scalp. I just let it sit there and  tingle a few minutes before rinsing it out. After about 20 minutes my migraine was gone!! I don’t know how good Birch is for your hair but at that point I really didn’t care  This stuff is wonderful!!”
        For muscle soreness, tight tendons, headaches, joint pain from arthritis, growing pains, back pain and any other general aches and pains that life may present you. Birch for pain, White Fir for inflammation and Frankincense to further enhance the properties of all three essential oils, driving them deeper into the affected tissue.


        Wash Away Migraine Shampoo Booster
        • Handful of your preferred shampoo
        • 2 drops Birch
        1. This is such a simple migraine protocol, I love it!
        2. Add 2 drops Birch to your handful of shampoo and lather up! Let the lather sit on your scalp for up to 5 minutes then rinse. This is a thorough way to get the pain relieving properties of Birch in all the right places!
        3. Note: If you're allergic to aspirin or taking blood thinners I'm sorry but you should avoid this protocol, Birch is a natural form of aspirin.

        Recipe By: CampWander


        Warming Pain Blend with Emu Oil
        1. Add essential oils first, fill remainder of roller bottle with Emu oil. Apply topically as needed for pain relief.
        2. Omit Birch if allergic to aspirin or taking blood thinners. Birch is a natural form of aspirin.


        Aches and Pains Blend
        • 30 drops Birch
        • 10 drops White Fir
        • 10 drops Frankincense
        • Fractionated coconut oil carrier (for roller bottle application) or...
        • Naked Salve carrier base (aids in massage, adds the good fats of solid unrefined organic virgin coconut oil)
        1. Add all essential oils to a 5ml glass bottle with a drip orifice or, a roller ball.
        2. Option 1: Top off with carrier oil and apply topically as needed.
        3. Option 2: Add 3 drops of the Aches and Pains Blend to a ½ teaspoon of Naked Salve and massage in to painful areas as needed.
        Note: Omit Birch if allergic to aspirin or taking blood thinners. Birch is a natural form of aspirin.