Spray Bottle Protocols for Sensitive Applications

October 03, 2019


If you've been using essential oils for awhile you've likely discovered that some topical applications can be tricky especially where wounds or sensitive, painful maladies like Shingles are concerned. Consider a spray bottle for the oh so sensitive path of least resistance and careful coverage for healing.

Let's start with wound care. Road rash is painful and can be very sensitive to touch especially if it's been scrubbed of road rubble! Painful road rash calls for a careful application of a healing spray. In this case, I would reach for a Gentle Healing Blend. In many instances it's wise not to disturb the tender raw skin with touch, try this antimicrobial, skin loving blend in a glass spray bottle.

Spray Bottle Protocols
Road Rash Healing Spray - Gentle healing application for wounds, scrapes and abrasions.
In a 1 oz glass spray bottle add the following
  1. Before applying, give the bottle a gentle shake, spray clean abrasions thoroughly as needed.

I do love this blend in a spray, it can come in handy for all kinds of kids antics and accidents. This one can also double as deodorant, or hand sanitizer in a pinch!



Next up we have horribly sensitive and very painful Shingles breakout, touching a breakout isn't wise, they're just so painful and sensitive!  Shingles, also know as herpes zoster, is a viral infection of the nerve roots. The initial viral infection occurs with childhood chickenpox then lays dormant in the body for years and may resurface as shingles when the body is weakened from another disease or aging. Once again, a spray bottle protocol would be appropriate -

Spray Bottle Protocols for Sensitive Applications
  1. Add essential oil blend to a 1 oz glass spray bottle, top off with Rosehip Seed Oil. Lightly spritz breakouts as needed for pain.

Keep CW Spray Bottle Protocols in mind for those times when touch is painful, it really is the perfect solution for topical application in these instances.